Live report POWERWOLF, DRAGONFORCE & WARKINGS, Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg – December 2nd, 2022

Germany’s Wolfpack number one has been touring Europe for a few weeks now and towards the end of this trip Powerwolf comes to the north of Germany, more precisely to Hamburg, to present their musical mass here as well. But before that happens, there are two more well-known bands that enter the stage.

Already when arriving at the Alsterdorfer Sporthalle one notices that the fans want to be on-site as early as possible. Shortly after the opening of the venue, the parking lots of the Sporthalle are already filled, which doesn’t make it easy to find a parking space in the nearby residential areas. But luck is on our side but some time got lost in the meantime too.

When I enter the hall, the hard riffs of Warkings, who are the openers, are already echoing. The Viking, The Spartan, The Crusader and The Tribune have put on their armor and play a 40-minute set, which is very well received by the fans. Moreover, Warkings are quite well known and popular in Germany, which is noticeable from the very well filled venue. And not only the sheer amount of fans in the hall is impressive. The atmosphere is already very good considering the band being the opening act which shows that many fans have made the journey to the Sporthalle especially for Warkings. What is surprising is that with ‘Monsters’ the newest album is represented on the setlist, but also quite a few more songs from the ‘Reborn’ debut album are performed. The audience appreciates it and after the last tones of ‘Gladiator’ have faded away, the band is leaving with a big applause.

After a short break, the show continues with Herman Li and DragonForce. The Englishmen have had a constant line-up for years, which allows them to bring a tight and well-rehearsed performance on stage. With Alicia Vigil, DragonForce has also been able to secure a very adequate replacement for Frédéric Leclercq for this tour and so nothing gets in the way of a colorful metal spectacle.

As expected, the raging metal riffs and the duels between Li and Sam Totman are the main part of the show, performed in the center of the stage and celebrated by the fans. However, it must be mentioned that the atmosphere in the hall does not quite reach the level as during the Warkings show. DragonForce give their best, but frontman Marc Hudson doesn’t miss the opportunity to mention that the atmosphere seems to be at its peak during the Celine Dion cover of ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Even when Li announces ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ towards the end of the set, the audience is hanseatically restrained. However, DragonForce performed a great set and their ultra-fast extreme power metal is always entertaining and fun to watch/listen to.

That Powerwolf not only put their catchy heavy metal in the forefront, but have developed a holistic concept is known. Therefore it is not surprising that it takes a moment until the stage is ready for the wolves. At 21:00 sharp the show starts and Powerwolf kick off their set with ‘Faster Than the Flame’ from the 2021 release ‘Call of the Wild’. The stage shines cathedral-like with a digital backdrop on which the different songs are visually emphasized. That fire is also part of the show doesn’t need to be mentioned, as it’s one of the ingredients of every Powerwolf show.

From the first riff on it shows that everyone in the hall has been eagerly awaiting this gig. Powerwolf is carried on hands by their fans and songs like ‘Amen and Attack’, with its sing-along potential, are made for unforgettable live moments. “Powerwolf” is chanted between songs and furthermore people also listen to the stories of Atilla Dorn, who is very active in interacting with the fans.

Powerwolf fulfill all wishes of the fans tonight. This concerns setlist as well as show elements like during ‘Stoßgebet’. Not only that there are a lot of flames and fire used that night. Monks with torches form a visually impressive environment for the band and give the show a theatrical expression.

Then, after 18 songs and the finishing ‘Werewolves of Armenia’, the end of the show is near and the Wolfpack moves on. One may like the music of Powerwolf, or not. But what is beyond any discussion is that the band presents an overall concept and lives it with professional passion. Those present in the Alsterdorf Sporthalle definitely liked what they were offered during the ‘Wolfsnacht’ and very satisfied they leave into the cold Hamburg night.

Setlist Powerwolf

  1. Faster Than the Flame
  2. Incense & Iron
  3. Cardinal Sin
  4. Amen & Attack
  5. Dancing With the Dead
  6. Armata Strigoi
  7. Beast of Gévaudan
  8. Stossgebet
  9. Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend
  10. Fire and Forgive
  11. Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone
  12. Sainted by the Storm
  13. Army of the Night
  14. Blood for Blood (Faoladh)
  15. Let There Be Night
  16. Sanctified With Dynamite (encore)
  17. We Drink Your Blood (encore)
  18. Werewolves of Armenia (encore)

Location: Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany

Date: December 2nd, 2022

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