Review THRESHOLD ‘Dividing Lines’

Since their foundation in 1988 and the debut album released in 1993, England’s progressive metallers Threshold are a much respected player when it comes to sophisticated metal. Karl Groom and his bandmates always manage to impress with excellent albums and also the latest record, ‘Diving Lines’ is a treat for fans of ambitious metal.

The band has recorded ten songs and each of these tracks is an ode to prog metal. Additionally equipped with catchy melodies and killer hooks, the record immediately opens up to the listener.

Threshold manage to accomplish the seemingly impossible. On the one hand entangled, the album offers a unique listening pleasure under headphones and at the same time the described melodies make the album also an ideal companion on long car rides.
Threshold make no compromises and go straight into full swing with the opener ‘Haunted’. The band has skillfully incorporated all the trademarks just described, which means that the song both, invites for headbanging and charms with melodic moments.

A bit calmer and more atmospheric is ‘Hall of Echoes’, a song where especially the chorus is impressive. The following ‘Let it Burn’ combines both aspects and slowly we approach the heart of the album.

‘The Domino Effect’ is with over 11 minutes one of the two epic compositions. Threshold at the beginning paints a cinematic picture with calmer sounds before the song clearly gains in heaviness after a minute. While vocalist Glynn Morgan takes the listener on a stunning musical journey, it is the totality of all the components that grabs the listener.

With ‘Silenced’, as with the opener, memories of the ‘Subsurface’ days come up without the band copying itself. Furthermore, ‘Complex’ is pretty straightforward and to the point while ‘King of Nothing’ roars out of the speakers with a good degree of hardness.

It’s the variety that makes ‘Dividing Lines’ an outstanding album, which becomes clear with ‘Lost Along the Way’. With an almost poppy melody, the song is a treat for the ears, without losing the context to the album per se.

With the closer ‘Defence Condition’ Threshold have added another epic to the end of the album. Even though the song fits Threshold’s signature sound very well, the track also shows some interesting twists. Especially the bridge and chorus are ingenious and prove that Threshold and their bandleader don’t let themselves be squeezed into stereotypes.

‘Dividing Lines’ has the potential to connect. The listeners will not be divided, because each of the ten songs shows the full potential of the band and even those who are not usually into this kind of music must at least admit that Threshold deliver quality. For me, this album is one of the highlights of 2022.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Haunted
  2. Hall of Echoes
  3. Let It Burn
  4. Silenced
  5. The Domino Effect
  6. Complex
  7. King of Nothing
  8. Lost Along the Way
  9. Run
  10. Defence Condition

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: November 18th, 2022




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