Live report ALTER BRIDGE, HALESTORM & MAMMOTH WVH, Alsterdorfer Sporthalle , Hamburg – November 1st, 2022

The first day of November this year is also day 1 of a tour that promises a lot of good music and good vibes. Rock icons Alter Bridge have taken the trip across the pond to present their new album ‘Pawns & Kings’ live. And the quartet is not traveling alone. Joining them on the road is none other than Halestorm and Mammoth WVH.

The latter band opens the evening at 19:00 sharp. That this concert is a special highlight was already clear before the start, since it is the first time Wolfgang van Halen’s band performs outside the USA and Canada. In addition, it is the big name that the band leader carries, which also causes extra curiosity. Wolfgang, that is the son of the legendary Van Halen guitarist Eddie van Halen, which brings an inevitable expectation.

Mammoth WVH play for about half an hour and the setlist includes seven songs from the debut album. It quickly becomes obvious that despite the big name, an independent artist is performing on stage, something that is also expressed in the fact that not a single Van Halen song is covered and also, as far as the stage show is concerned, individuality rules. The audience appreciates this attitude and the quintet earns more than just a polite applause.

That Wolfgang van Halen got the talent on the guitar from his father in the cradle shines already with the first song ‘Mammoth’. In addition, the band leader has an expressive voice and also at the keyboard, as in ‘Epiphany’, Wolfgang van Halen knows how to impress. Even though everything focuses on the frontman, you never get the impression that this is a one-man project. Mammoth WVH are on stage as a band and their mixture of hard rock, alternative rock and metal finds a lot of acceptance in the slowly filling Alsterdorfer Sporthalle.

It continues with Halestorm, who start off with their well-known energy. Lzzy Hale and bandmates take off with the title track of their latest album ‘Back From the Dead’ and there are two things that immediately stand out. One is the joy of playing mirrored by the whole band and the other is the neon yellow shirt and hair of drummer Arejay Hale.

Halestorm this evening, that means about 50 minutes full of good songs, an unstoppable Lzzy Hale and an audience that likes to soak up the positive energy. For the 2/3 of those present, who have never seen the band live before, this evening is certainly exciting new experience and Halestorm without a doubt manage to attract new fans, expressed by enthusiastically clapping along folks. What slowed down the flow a bit, however, was the drum solo. Arejay Hale certainly gives his best and the gimmick with the oversized drumsticks is also entertaining. Still, the question arises whether two more songs would have been better with such a limited playing time.

All in all, however, Halestorm bring the arena closer to a boiling point in terms of atmosphere and now it’s up to the headliner to make the Sporthalle rock even harder.

None of those present has any doubt that Alter Bridge are up to the task and when the quartet enters the stage at 21:15 it quickly gets obvious that fans can expect a great show. With ‘Silver Tongue’, from the new album, the quartet starts their almost two-hour set and the atmosphere in the hall rises again significantly. One reason for this is the good sound that the fans can enjoy tonight. Considering that the Sporthalle is not exactly known for a good sound, there is nothing to criticize about the dynamic groove today. Also band(s) and crew seem very well-rehearsed and one doesn’t get the impression that they are on their first show of a bigger European tour.

Alter Bridge are obviously very happy that this tour is taking place, which is not least expressed in an announcement by Myles Kennedy. The band surfs through an 18 song setlist that includes the classics as well as four new songs from the current album. Also worth mentioning is the small acoustic interlude in the middle of the set. First, there is ‘Watch Over You’, which Myles Kennedy performs alone on stage with his acoustic guitar, followed by ‘In Loving Memory’. For the latter song, Mark Tremonti takes over on acoustic guitar while Kennedy focuses on his emotive vocals. Sitting on bar stools, this moment is a calming one in an otherwise energy-filled night.

With ‘Slip to the Void’ and ‘Open Your Eyes’ Alter bridge has placed two of their best songs in the encore section before the last riffs fade away in the Sporthalle around 11 p.m., releasing thoroughly satisfied fans into the Hamburg night.

Alter Bridge, Halestorm and Mammoth WVH, this is a package that harmonizes musically very well and promises variety at the same time. These four powerful and vital four hours should not be missed.

Setlist Mammoth WVH

  1. Mammoth
  2. Mr. Ed
  3. Epiphany
  4. Think It Over
  5. Distance
  6. You’re to Blame
  7. Don’t Back Down

Setlist Halestorm

  1. Back From the Dead
  2. Love Bites (So Do I)
  3. Wicked Ways
  4. I Get Off
  5. Psycho Crazy
  6. I Miss the Misery
  7. Drum Solo
  8. Freak Like Me
  9. Bombshell
  10. The Steeple

Setlist Alter Bridge

  1. Silver Tongue
  2. Addicted to Pain
  3. The Other Side
  4. This Is War
  5. Ghost of Days Gone By
  6. Wouldn’t You Rather
  7. Isolation
  8. Waters Rising
  9. Sin After Sin
  10. Metalingus
  11. Pawns & Kings
  12. Watch Over You
  13. In Loving Memory
  14. Blackbird
  15. Rise Today
  16. Cry of Achilles
  17. Slip to the Void
  18. Open Your Eyes

Location: Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany

Date: November 1st, 2022

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