Review LOST SOCIETY ‘If the Sky Came Down’

The four Finns of Lost Society began in 2010, indulging their passion for thrash metal. Over the years, the quartet has made a musical U-turn and changed their sound a lot. Nowadays the guys play metal that is aligned with the present and ranges from modern metal to nu metal. In order to let it still really rock, the Finns have integrated a few metalcore elements, which at least gives the impression of heaviness.

‘If the Sky Came Down’ is the latest work of Lost Society and continues the mentioned journey into the world of contemporary heavy metal. With frantic songs like ‘Stiches’ you get the impression that the guys have been listening to Slipknot albums more and more lately. ‘Awake’ reminds in the last quarter very much of In Flames and also apart from that you can’t exactly say that Lost Society puts much of their own into their songs. Much is inspired by other bands. Of course, Linkin Park’s sound also shimmers through the well-produced record as well, more than once.

Here we get to the positive aspect of ‘If the Sky Came Down’. Despite all the predictability, the album benefits from a rich and powerful production. Massive riffs, like in the title track, develop all their strength and show that Lost Society know how to stage groovy metal well. And not only that. The record has a certain entertainment value, but you have the feeling that you’ve heard it all before. Further development is part of life, not only for bands. In this case, however, it has led straight into the mainstream of modern metals. With ‘If the Sky Came Down’ the guys finally say goodbye to the thrash metal of the early days and hits like ‘E.A.G.’ finally belong to the past. Too bad actually.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. 112
  2. What Have I Done
  3. (We Are The) Braindead
  4. Stitches
  5. Awake
  6. Underneath
  7. Creature
  8. Hurt Me
  9. If The Sky Came Down
  10. Suffocating

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Modern metal

Release Date EU: October 7th, 2022




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