Review TRIAL (SWE) ‘Feed the Fire’

Trollhättan, known as the home of Saab, is also known to metal fans as the homebase of Trial (Swe). The band, which started expressing their passion for traditional heavy metal in 2007, released a remarkable debut album called ‘The Primordial Temple” in 2011.

It quickly became evident that not only the legendary waterfall of Trollhättan unleashes a lot of energy. Trial (Swe) is the musical equivalent of the waterfall, with the band bursting with power.

It has been five years since the guys brought their album ‘Motherless’ to the record stores and these days the next strike follows with ‘Feed the Fire’. Trial (Swe) have loaded the album with nine new songs, which will please you already at the first run through. Musically, little has changed with the guys from Sweden. New, however, is singer Arthur W. Andersson; some of you may know him from Air Raid.

Photo: Christoffer Hovhag

With Andersson the band not only has a new frontman; he also inspired to faster songs. In this context the title track should be mentioned and also ‘In the Highest’ is not stingy with speed.

In contrast, there are the slower tracks, like ‘The Faustus Hood’. Also in this territory the five Swedes feel at home and manage to create a unique atmosphere. Slow and powerful the song rolls out of the speakers. With an almost hypnotic beat, the track fascinates the listeners; a feat that also applies to ‘The Crystal Sea’.

The majestic closer of the album shows that the guys from the far north have the potential and the ability to create epic tunes. It is impressive how the song slowly builds up and increases in power. ‘The Crystal Sea’ is the felicitous finale of a coherent and strong album.

With ‘Feed the Fire’ the five Scandinavians have once again proven that they inhale metal with every breath. Their fifth studio album is an ode to traditional heavy metal, sometimes fast and snappy, sometimes slow and intense. To go for this album is for sure a good decision.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Tria Prima
  2. Sulphery
  3. Thrice Great Path
  4. In the Highest
  5. Snare of the Fowler
  6. Feed the Fire
  7. The Faustus Hood
  8. Quadrivium
  9. The Crystal Sea

Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 2nd, 2022




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