Review JORN ’Over the Horizon Radar’

I guess, that if you are interested in hard rock and melodic metal, the name Jorn isn’t a stranger to you. The Norwegian singer enriched already many bands and projects with his voice. Avantasia, Masterplan and Allen-Lande are just some of them.

Next to all these engagements, Jorn Lande found always empty spots in his agenda to work on solo albums. ‘Starfire’ was the first longplayer he unleashed as Jorn and many more followed over time. The singer, with a voice often compared with the one of the legendary Ronnie James Dio, found his musical success formula rather quickly and these days the newest studio effort is available at the record stores.

‘Over the Horizon Radar’ is the title of Jorn’s next longplayer, an album that features eleven typical Jorn-style songs. Hard rock and an essence of metal is what drives these new tunes, the first ones in five years.

With ‘Faith Bloody Faith’ a first single gave a first outlook on what to expect from the new album. Starting slowly the song builds up towards a melodic rock anthem that catches the attention of listeners although not being fueled by innovation. In general, any innovation manager would not be very happy with this album since the singer stays very much in the fields of the known. Still there is enough to explore an the great sense for melodies and hooks provide enough pleasure for hard rock fans for more than one spin.

The anthemic title track starts the album and there is a certain classic rock spirit that resonates with the opener. The darker ‘Black Phoenix’ shows as well why the album is beyond genre standards and with ‘My Rock’n’Roll’ is an ode to the greatness of (hard-) rock. Equipped with a slower, partly Dio-reminding riff, the rock’n’roll dream is outlined in seven minutes.

Jorn adds with ‘Over the Horizon Radar’ a next well-forged album to his list of achievements. It is the expected longplayer, reflecting the expected sound of a singer whose voice still belongs to the best ones the genre offers.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Over The Horizon Radar
  2. Dead London
  3. My Rock And Roll
  4. One Man War
  5. Black Phoenix
  6. Special Edition
  7. Ode To The Black Nightshade
  8. Winds Of Home
  9. In The Dirt
  10. Believer
  11. Faith Bloody Faith (Extended Album Version)

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: June 17th, 2022



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