Review WUCAN ‘Heretic Tongues’

Dresden-based Wucan started back in 2011 and is the brainchild of Francis Tobolsky. The quartet premiered in 2015 with ‘Sow in the Wind’ and established a sound that brings Krautrock and the spirit of the ’60s & ‘70s back to life.

Five years after having launched ‘Reap the Storm’, Wucan returns with their third longplayer entitled ‘Heretic Tongues’. The seven-track featuring longplayer features rock songs with a strong vintage touch. Still, there is enough of an own interpretation of this sound intact, allowing the quartet to create an own identity. Wucan don’t copy the retro rock sound. The band takes the inspiration from the earlier days of rock and blends different influences into one piece of rock-solid music.

The album starts with a song called ‘Kill the King’. The title of this song creates immediate attention since it is a Rainbow classic with the same name. And the second title, ‘Don’t Break the Oath’, reminds of Merciful Fate. Both tracks though aren’t cover versions. Instead, the tunes are excellent vintage rock hymns, power suppliers per excellence. Driven by Tobolsky’s strong voice and the massive power chord blasts, songs and album are a treat for ears of vivid rock music. Enriched by the flute, always in a way reminding of Jethro Tull, Wucan have created a strong successor of ‘Reap the Storm’.

Lyrics are equally important to the quartet, a reason why the band recorded with the anger on ‘Fette Deutsche’ a song in the native tongue. And while mentioned a song with German lyrics, the record features a cover version from the Klaus Renft Combo. ‘Zwischen Liebe und Zirn’ is the title of this cover and fits perfect into the context of this album.

Last but not least there is the masterpiece called ‘Physical Boundaries’. The closing track of the album is a 12-minute epos that shows the entire creativity that comes with Wucan. Starting slow and calm, the track evolves to a psychedelic hymn with a spacy vibe. Listening to songs is like being caught in a colorful fever dream that provides several twists.

‘Heretic Tongues’ shows again why Wucan belongs to one of the most exciting rock bands, hailing from Germany. The sound of this exquisite longplayer lives by the passion for this kind of music and is, based on the authenticity, beyond any trend.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Kill The King
  2. Don’t Break the Oath
  3. Fette Deutsche
  4. Far And Beyond
  5. Far And Beyond (Until We Meet Again)
  6. Zwischen Liebe und Zorn
  7. Physical Boundaries

Label: Sonic Attack Records

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: May 20th, 2022




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