Review REZET ‘New World Murder’ – EP

Rezet main man Ricky Wagner had some important decisions to make. The question if to continue with the band or not, after guitarist Heiko Musolf and bassist Bjarne Otto left Rezet, needed an answer. Wagner decided to continue with the band, found some new partners and crime and recorded an EP called ‘New World Murder’.

The newest effort of the quartet entails four songs, three new own tunes and one cover version. The latter is a thrash metal interpretation of Deep Purple’s legendary ‘Fireball’. Covering such a classic isn’t an easy thing and although Rezet add a real own touch to this rock anthem, it is the weaker spot on the album.

The other three tracks are a furious statement for fast- played thrash metal. The opener ‘The Devil’s Bride’, with its Annihilator-reminding vibe, is an excellent start into this EP. Speed and rage are combined to a dense wall of sound, being the great start into this EP.
‘Alien Noises’ comes with a reduced pace. Groove and the mighty riff are more in the forefront. ‘Alien Noises’ is a real delight for headbangers and a song that is predestined for live shows. By the way, the version on this EP features with Schmier (Destruction) also a veteran when it comes to German metal whose voice is the extra spice here. Last but not least, there is the hard-hitting ‘Dead End Walking’ which is another thrash metal anthem in a more moderate pace and the calmer middle part shows that Rezet has much more stuff at hand than only pushing the pedal to the metal.

‘New World Murder’ is a well-forged EP from the Northern German thrash metal blacksmiths. These four guys know how to deal with metal and the EP states this in great fashion. Rough vocals, furious guitars, and a roaring rhythm, that is what ‘New World Murder’ offers and there is just one more thing to state: Horns up.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Devil’s Bride
  2. Alien Noise (fat. Schmier)
  3. Dead End Walking
  4. Fireball (Deep Purple cover)

Label: umi music

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: May 27th, 2022




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