Review FOZZY ‘Boombox’

Fozzy entered the world of metal in the very early 2000th when the band release the self-titled debut album. It was Chris Ward who started Fozzy in 1999 as a cover band, which is reflected by the debut that solely consists of metal classics, interpreted by Fozzy.

The band got an extra push when the successful wrestler Chris Jericho joined the group. It was first a bit of a story and myth about Jericho being part of the band with the singer even starting under the pseudonym Moongoose McQueen.

Album number three, ‘All That Remains’, was a kind of game changer for Fozzy, with own songs taking over and cover version becoming less and less. To date, the band has seven records under their belt and their latest one, ‘Judas’, was also the most successful delivery. That was back in 2017 and it took Fozzy five long years to finish off work on their eight album.

‘Boombox’ is the title of their newest effort, a twelve songs featuring longplayer. ‘I Still Burn’ is a song that has been revealed already as a single. It is a track that mirrors Fozzy’s music quite well. Modern rock with a bigger catchiness factor is what the band offers. A heavy pounding beat provides the foundation for most of the songs, allowing vocals and guitars to shine. ‘I Still Burn’ is a song that probably get a lot of airplay, since it doesn’t polarize nor it has edges. It’s modern rock for mainstream, presented with passion and power.

‘Boombox’ also includes a ballad, almost a mandatory for an album like this. ‘Army of One’ is the title of this soulful piece of music, that is nice to listen to but also doesn’t stick for too long in your mind. Things get a bit heavier though with songs like ‘Nowhere to Run’ and the roaring ‘Omen’.

Although own tunes took over there is a cover version on ‘Boombox’ too. ‘Relax’ from Frankie Goes To Hollywood found a spot in the middle of the tracklisting and the song belongs to the better ones on the album. Not moving away too far from the original, Fozzy provide some extra power to the ‘80s pop classic, which is anyhow a great song and shines brightest in its original version.

‘Boombox’ is an entertaining longplayer with good songs. It is an album one can easily listen on the side and songs bloom right away. But as it is with flowers too, the blossom losing leafs rather quickly and beauty is not lasting for too long. Still good modern rock within the genre framework.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Sane
  2. I Still Burn
  3. Purifier
  4. Army of One
  5. Ugly on the Inside
  6. Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover)
  7. Nowhere to Run
  8. My Great Wall
  9. What Hell is Like
  10. Omen
  11. The Worst is Yet to Come
  12. The Vulture Club

Label: Mascot Records

Genre: Modern Rock

Release Date EU: May 6th, 2022




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