Review RAMMSTEIN ‘Zeit’

Rammstein is more than just a band. Rammstein is an art collective that combines various style element to a fascinating as well as provocative total. Music and art need to trigger emotions and even one might not like the music of the sextet, their work does cause a reaction.

With roots in the punk scene of the GDR, the band evolved to one of the most influential rock and metal bands on this planet. What started with the legendary ‘Herzeleid’ album found an impressive continuation with several longplayers, adding to the popularity of the Germans. A springboard was also the ‘Du Hast’ single, a song taken from their sophomore album ‘Sehnsucht’, the break-through record for the band.

Rammstein never released a bad album although it felt like the band being caught in their own framing too much, thinking about the last years. Rammstein always stayed true to themselves, and the sheer announcement of a new album creates excitement. Such a moment happened a few weeks ago when the band announce their newest longplayer ‘Zeit’. The eighth full-length release from the band features eleven songs of which the title track acted as the first single. The tune is an interesting one with lyrics about time. There is a lot of room for interpretation, as usual, but the song is also a clear time goes on, also for a band like Rammstein. And the fact that the album ends with a song called ‘Adieu’ nurtures the melancholic feel the album provides here and there. Nothing is endless.

Photo: Bryan Adams /Universal Music

The second single was ‘Zick Zack’ and is a real highlight on the album too. It is a typical Rammstein smasher that could have been a part of the ‘Sehnsucht’-album too. Heavy roaring guitars, a grooving rhythm and Lindemann’s vocals, all is present. Lyrically taking care about the insanity of nipping and tucking, the song is close to the pulse of time. Pure Rammstein.

A song that takes a similar direction is ‘Dicke Titten’. Starting with a kind of Volksmusik intro, the track evolves to a mighty pounding mammoth about am loner looking for someone while focusing on the optics and esthetics more than on IQ, money and more.

Rammstein is known for a hammering beat and mighty riffs. At the same time, the band creates depth with calmer songs with a sinister vibe. ‘Schwarz’ is such an anthemic songs about the fascination of darkness. And there is ‘Angst’. The song addresses the fear of the unknown and is one of the most complex tracks on ‘Zeit’. With metaphors, being rooted in the times of pest and black death, the band manages to create an oppressive atmosphere with Lindemann being the narrator of an ominous story that bridges history and present.

Rammstein added with ‘Zeit’ an excellent new album to their discography. The band found a way to still sound fresh and dynamic after all these years. Rammstein is gifted with the ability to constantly reinvent themselves without losing the connection to the roots and trademarks that are developed over more than two decades. Germany’s musical export endeavor number one delivers to expectation and maybe even a bit beyond.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Armee der Tristen
  2. Zeit
  3. Schwarz
  4. Giftig
  5. Zick Zack
  6. OK
  7. Meine Tränen
  8. Angst
  9. Dicke Titten
  10. Lügen
  11. Adieu

Label: Universal Music

Genre: Industrial Metal

Release Date EU: April 29th, 2022




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