Review DARE ‘Road to Eden’

Dare is the brainchild of former Thin Lizzy keyboarder Darren Wharton and guitarist Vinny Burns (Ultravox, Ten, Asia).  The two guys founded the band in 1985 and after the line-up has been completed, work on the debut gained speed.

Dare premiered in 1988 with ‘Out of the Silence’ and could enlarge their fanbase with the second album called ‘Blood from Stone’. The latter went right into the charts in the UK and gave Dare a solid platform for a continuation of this winning streak. Although the band could never enjoy a big break-through, the quintet delivered well-crafted longplayers all along the way and offered good quality songs.

The newest tunes by Dare found a spot on their upcoming album ‘Road to Eden’. The ten songs on the album reflects with one hundred percent what Dare stands for. Melodic rock with a lot of AOR is what the band stands for and is also what the guys deliver on their new album. There are the very tangible and calm moments, like ‘Lovers and Friends’, the anthemic songs like ‘Cradle to the Grave’ with some Irish influences and there are the rocking moments. The opener ‘Born in the Storm’ is such a moment and there is ‘Only the Good Die Young’. The latter starts with a piano and evolves quickly to a gently rocking hymn with great melodies and a lot of b(r)and recognition.

Instead of entering uncharted territory, Dare stay in their comfort zone and evolve their sound instead of approaching more radical changes. Since all five band members are good craftsmen in their art, the album became an easy going one that still has enough depth and some edges that avoid a drowning in style clichés. ‘Road to Eden’ is a safe ride on a beautiful musical road, an album for a ride into the sunset on a warm summer day with the evening breeze blowing through your hair.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Born In the Storm
  2. Cradle To the Grave
  3. Fire Never Fades
  4. Road To Eden
  5. Lovers And Friends
  6. Only The Good Die Young
  7. I Always Will
  8. Grace
  9. The Devil Rides Tonight
  10. Thy Kingdom Come

Label: Legend Records

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: April 1st, 2022




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