Review JOE SATRIANI ‘The Elephants of Mars’

Joe Satriani is one of the most renowned guitarists in rock music. The guitarist from Westbury, Long Island, New York started his six-string adventure in the early 70s and became one of the most influential musicians in his craft. Not only that Satriani released numerous albums; he also worked as guitar instructor with students Kirk Hammett and Alex Skolnick.

Satriani released his first longplayer ‘Surfing with the Alien’ in 1987, a time when guitarists and instrumental albums had a first Heyday-phase. Shred guitarists have unleashed a lot of good albums at the time and already back then, Satriani’s albums contained more than furious guitars. The song itself was always a focus point for the axe wizard, a gift he utilized and developed further in his career.

The newest longplayer by Joe Satriani is entitled ‘The Elephants of Mars’ and will be the first one since 1995 he will release not through Epic Records. The album comes via earMUSIC and is a thrilling next record for fans of sophisticated instrumental music.

Using the term ‘instrumental’ in this context means, that the album doesn’t include vocals and a singer. In this case, Satriani’s guitar sings and in bigger parts of the album transports more feel than some singers do these days.

Music fans, not being a musician themselves, often sail around instrumental albums. I can recommend to not take this road when it comes to ‘The Elephants of Mars’. This longplayer contains 14 songs and spreads an addictive fascination for guitar music. As mentioned, Satriani puts the song into the center and hereby creates a versatile album with many twists and different shades. Satriani’s guitar play is what keeps the album together and secures a flow.

Each of the songs is worth to be mentioned since they are all great examples for well-crafted guitar music. It starts with the atmospheric ‘Sahara’. The endless landscape, the heat and the fascinating beauty of a desert, it all found a spot in this song.  A track that fascinates too is ‘Faceless’. With a constantly returning main theme the song creates a melancholy and at the same time impresses by a beautifully embedded melody and hopeful vibe.

‘Blue Foot Groovy’ is, as the title says, a groovy song that blossoms right away. ‘Sailing the Seas of Ganymede’ creates excellent arcs of melodies, ‘Doors of Perception’ is a darker tune while ‘Night Scene’ reflects the pumping rhythm of the night. ’Through a Mother’s Day Darkly’, with some spoken word parts, is a futuristic track on the album, followed by the soulful and touching ’22 Memory Lane’.

Music doesn’t necessarily need lyrics and singer to create emotions. ‘The Elephants of Mars’ has the power to create pictures and mind-movies. You can dive into a world of sound that is fascinating and at the same time shines with a richness that makes the album an entertaining journey through the world of instrumental music.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Sahara
  2. The Elephants Of Mars
  3. Faceless
  4. Blue Foot Groovy
  5. Tension And Release
  6. Sailing The Seas Of Ganymede
  7. Doors Of Perception
  8. E 104th St NYC 1973
  9. Pumpin ́
  10. Dance Of The Spores
  11. Night Scene
  12. Through A Mother ́s Day Darkly
  13. 22 Memory Lane
  14. Desolation

Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date EU: April 8th, 2022




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