Review PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS ‘Only Passing Through’

Pattern-Seeking Animals is a progressive rock outfit, formed in 2018 by Ted Leonard, Dave Meros, John Boegehold and Jimmy Keegan. They all are or have been part of Spock’s Beard which gives a first indication when it is about the musical direction.

The band premiered with their self-titled full-length album in 2019 and added a second longplayer to their offer in 2020. Being creative and productive led to a third release that will hit the shelves this year. ‘Only Passing Through’ is the title of the third Pattern-Seeking Animals album on which the band continues the journey through the world of colorful soundscapes.

The four sound architects offer a wide spectrum of sounds, all rooted in sophisticated rock music that comes with many layers and exiting twists. The title track is a good example for the musical versatility of the Pattern-Seeking Animals. The band makes use of their entire toolkit with melodic arcs, a basic pattern being the common denominator throughout the songs and some interesting turns that add an extra spice the to song.

Songs, penned by Pattern-Seeking Animals, doesn’t need an enormous running time. The swinging opener unveils its essence in less than three minutes while ‘Time Has a Way’ is storytelling in 13 minutes, a musical experience with a cinematic expression.

Time doesn’t seem to be the decisive factor for the quartet. They have the ability to unleash their creativity and present their savviness in various compositions and always have a focus on the song in itself. Melodies offer the listener a guiding hand through these ten songs that are all well-forged progressive rock tunes that find the balance between gently swinging and a good level of hardness.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Ever dark Mountain
  2. I Can’t Stay Here Anymore
  3. Time Has A Way
  4. Rock Paper Scissors
  5. Much Ado
  6. Only Passing Through
  7. Said the Stranger
  8. Here with You with Me
  9. I’m Not Alright (Bonus)
  10. Just Another Day at the Beach (Bonus)

Label: Inside Out Music

Genre: Progressive Rock

Release Date EU: April 1st, 2022




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