Review THE HELLACOPTERS ‘Eyes of Oblivion’

The Hives, Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters, these bands are veterans when it comes to hard rocking music hailing from Sweden. Each of these groups had and has an influence on the sound of Swedish rock music, being an inspirational source for many young bands.

The Hellacopters had their heydays in the second half of the nineties when their furious rock’n’roll interpretation created an organic counterpart to the sadness of grunge. The era ended in 2008 after the band had released their seventh studio album ‘Head Off’ and toured for a last time.

Band members focused on several projects, most of the being successful ones too. A turning point for The Hellacopters was in 2015 when the band announced that they will return in their original line-up for a 20th anniversary show to celebrate their debut album ‘Supershitty to the Max!’. The show took place at Sweden Rock Festival in June 2016 was a kind of restart for the band. The spark was ignited although fate didn’t mean it too good with the band since guitarist Robert Dahlqvist passed away in February 2017 at the age of 40.

After a period of grief, The Hellacopters continued their reenforced mission in rock. Dregen took over the guitar and more concerts have been played, events like the Roskilde Festival. These concerts showed a good chemistry between band members and what wasn’t more than wishful thinking started to become reality – a new The Hellacopters album.

‘Eyes of Oblivion’ is the title of the eighth album, penned and recorded by the Swedish rock’n’roll icons. Ten songs in total found a sport on this longplayer that is a treat for fans of high energy rock.

‘Reap a Hurricane’ is the starting point of this rock’n’roll adventure, a song that has been unveiled as a single release already. The tune is a straight statement of The Hellacopters that they are back with full force. The spirit of rock’n’roll is the driving force for the quintet and the opener is a stellar representative. ‘So Sorry I Could Die’ was the second single and presents the bluesy side of The Hellacopters. This emotional track is a real highlight on the album, a song that touches through the embedded emotional intensity.

The groove of the ‘70s returns with ‘Tin Foil Soldier’ while the punk rock influences are present when the drums of ‘Beguiled’ starts to kick in. And if there is one downer, that it is the short running time since the last tones of the blistering closer ‘Try Me Tonight’ fade away after 34 minutes from start to finish. I guess that nobody would have a problem with listening to 2-3 extra songs.

‘Eyes of Oblivion’ has everything one can expect from a The Hellacopters album and exceeds expectations. The Swedish rock veterans didn’t lose any of their passion and energy during the years of absence. In contrary. It feels like the self-given time out was a refreshing period, allowing the band to return with maximum musical force. ‘Eyes of Oblivion’ sounds fresh and dynamic. This album combines the spirit of ‘70s rock, the energy of punk rock and soul of blues rock. Wow.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Reap A Hurricane
  2. Can It Wait
  3. So Sorry I Could Die
  4. Eyes Of Oblivion
  5. A Plow And A Doctor
  6. Positively Not Knowing
  7. Tin Foil Soldier
  8. Beguiled
  9. The Pressure’s On
  10. Try Me Tonight

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: April 1st, 2022



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