Review SIGN X ‘Back to Eden’

Hamburg’s metal band Sign X emerged from Châlice, a group from the 90s. Steve Lagleder, Michael Mehl and Oliver Scheer, they all have a history with Châlice and teamed up with singer Sebastian Zierof (v). The band worked on their next longplayer ‘Like a Fire’.

The album is professionally done record with songs, echoing a dedication for melodic and powerful metal. A winning factor for band and album is frontman Zierof. The singer is known from the ‘Hinterm Horizont’ musical in which he took over the role of ‘Udo’. His voice the melodic metal of Sign X is a good match and blend perfectly.

The title track starts off the album with a keyboard-laden intro, leading to a cinematic song that shows power and sense for good hooks. The anthemic ‘Frozen Hell’ is next, a tune that combines calmer moments with dynamically rocking bridge and chorus. The starting triple gets completed by ‘Forever King’. Blistering guitars and a duet of Zierof and Ronnie Munroe, these are the key ingredients of this smashing metal hymn.

The piano-driven ‘3 Seconds’ shows the soulful side of Sign X. The heavy pounding ‘History Will Tell’ brings back the rock spirit and the bottom part of the track listing can compete with the promising first half of the album.  In this context, ‘World on Fire’ should be mentioned, an uptempo metal song with a driving beat. A real headbanger that hands over to an acoustic song. ‘Jump’n’Run’ is an acoustic ballad that touches.

Sign X did everything right on their newest album. Each of the songs bloom right away and express the beauty of melodic rock and metal. Songs in this genre doesn’t need to be emotional overloaded neither they need to follow standard pathways. Passion and skills, these are the driving forces and Sign X has a lot of it.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Back to Eden
  2. Frozen Hell
  3. Forever King (feat. Ronnie Munroe)
  4. 3 Seconds
  5. History Will Tell
  6. Life Goes On
  7. Into the Unknown
  8. Afterlife
  9. World on Fire
  10. Jump’n’Run
  11. 3 Seconds (piano version)

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: March 18th, 2022




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