Review MARILLION ‘An Hour Before It’s Dark’

Steve Hogarth, Steve Rothery, Pete Trewavas, Mark Kelly and Ian Mosley, these guys are also known as Marillion. The quintet worked on a new album called ‘An Hour Before It’s Dark’, the successor of the ‘F E A R’ album from 2016.

The title of the newest Marillion record gives room for interpretation. ‘An Hour Before It’s Dark’ is basically the last hour you, as a kid, should play outdoor, but there are many more thoughts that can be connected to such an album title. With having a finger on the pulse of modern life, Marillion add a social, political, and personal aspect to the title of their newest record.

An hour before it’s dark, that could also mean the last days in the life of a person and a 15-minute masterpiece tells the story in touching four chapters. The song is called ‘Care’ and it is thematically as well as musically a work of art, penned by the five rock veterans. Marillion doesn’t only write excellent songs. The quintet also creates emotional atmospheres that connect the listener to the lyrics. The music helps the feel the message and not just stands for itself. Music is supposed to transport emotions and Marillion make use of their entire toolkit to exactly provide this.

The other epos on ‘An Hour Before It’s Dark’ is entitled ‘Sierra Leone’. The song is a calmer and emotionally loaded one. This time divided in five chapters, Marillion shows their entire talent as sound architects. ‘Sierra Leone’, that means nearly eleven minutes of exquisite rock music with no second being a boring moment. One just wants to follow the flow of this musical beauty that slowly builds up to an energetic tune.

The first single that was unveiled is the opener of the album. ‘Be Hard on Yourself’ starts calm and with a short choir sequence before the track finds its groove. Kept in a darker spirit ‘Be Hard on Yourself’ is a song with a strong social aspect. Endless consumption and a “lust for luxury” isn’t what life is about. The essence of life is about other things and it’s not too late. There is still an hour before it’s dark.

‘Only a Kiss’ is a short interlude that seamlessly hands over to ‘Murder Machine’. The song is very relevant since it lyrically connects very much into the here and now.

Marillion add with ‘An Hour Before It’s Dark’ a next exquisite longplayer to their long list of achievements. Musical expertise, a great sense for melodies and lyrically relevant, all this is present on the new Marillion longplayer, an album that includes a lot to discover.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Be Hard on Yourself
  2. Reprogram the Gene
  3. Only a Kiss
  4. Murder Machine
  5. The Crow and the Nightingale
  6. Sierra Leone
  7. Care

Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: March 4th, 2022




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