Review IMMOLATION ‘Acts of God’

New York-based Immolation isn’t a band that floods the market with new releases. Their release pattern entails a new longplayer every 3-5 years and considering the fact of ‘Atonement’ having been unveiled in 2017 the time was right in early 2022 to launch a next smashing metal album.

Immolation is still driven by the two veterans Ross Dolan and Robert Vigna. With second guitarist Alex Bouks joining the band in 2016, Immolation can build on a stable line-up that sign being responsible for ‘Acts of God’.

It looks like Immolation benefited of a creative flow since the album includes the solid number of 15 songs. OK, ‘Abandoned’ is an intro and ‘And the Flames Wept’ is a sinister interlude that guides towards the closing track ‘Apostle’. Still, ‘Acts of Gid’ features more than 50 minutes of brutal oldschool death metal. Meat cleaver riffs and Dolan’s awesome growls is what this album offers from start to end.

With routine and dynamic the four-piece band starts the metal bulldozer, an unstoppable metal machine with immense power. I mentioned already the massive an galloping closer ‘Apostle’ and before listeners can enjoy this track, there is much more to discover earlier.

Immolation don’t get lost in a labyrinth of layers and details. Instead, it is the right-into-the-face approach that makes this longplayer to a metallic monolith.

The evil ‘Blooded’ is one example for the riff-power of the quartet, that has with ‘Noose of Thorns’ also a five-minute wrecking ball on the tracklist of ‘Acts of God’. The band doesn’t push the pedal too hard, at least not when it comes to pace. Most of the tracks are in moderate pace with sometimes shifting gears a bit. The heaviness of Acts of God’ comes from the energy that is created by an uncompromising and dense sound. It is a wall of sound the New York death metal legend creates. Of course, the faster moments have a spot on the album too and one of them listens to the name of ‘Broken Prey’. Although the track has in general a bit of a higher pace the band never gets lost in high-speed fury. ‘When Halos Burn’ is even faster and with routine, Immolation always manages to never get ahead of themselves with their songs. Regardless if faster or slower, the quartet is always in control and direct the riff beast into the wished position.

‘Acts of God’, that is nearly an hour of oldschool death metal from the US. It is music that doesn’t know compromises, written and performed by a band that belongs to the pioneers of this genre. Horns up.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Abandoned
  2. An Act of God
  3. The Age of No Light
  4. Noose of Thorns
  5. Shed the Light
  6. Blooded
  7. Overtures of the Wicked
  8. Immoral Stain
  9. Incineration Procession
  10. Broken Prey
  11. Derelict of Spirit
  12. When Halos Burn
  13. Let the Darkness In
  14. And the Flames Wept
  15. Apostle

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 18th, 2022




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