Review RECKLESS LOVE ‘Turborider’

The ones of you who thought that Judas Priest’s ‘Turbo Lover’ included far too many keyboards should not even consider pressing the ‘Start’-button of ‘Turborider’. This album can be seen as dentist’s delight since it includes so much musical sugar that it’s hard to swallow.

Reckless Love always appreciated a catchy melody and although the guys wrote a song called ‘I Love Heavy Metal’ they stayed in sleaze rock most of the time. This time though the Finns take it to a next extreme and it’s unbelievable that one listens to the same band that released ‘Spirit’ and ‘Invader’.

Album number five of the Finnish outfit starts with the title track and the fact of keyboards being the main instrument on this album is apparent right away. Instead of following their passion for rock music the band takes a dramatic turn towards meaningless pop-rock with a strong ‘80s reference.

Now, in case you think that the opener is an exception I can agree since what follows is certainly not better. Songs like ‘Eyes of Maniac’ and toothless ‘Like a Cobra’ are low lights in modern rock music. I guess Modern Talking used more guitar sounds than what is offered here. And it also doesn’t get better towards the end of the album. ‘’89 Sparkle’ is certainly one of the worst songs in 2022.

And there is ‘Bark at the Moon’ and you hope that this is not an Ozzy Osbourne cover, but it is. Hopefully Ozzy will never hear this disco-beat based version of his classic and it is an anti-homage to one of the classics in heavy metal.

Don’t get me wrong. Rock and metal music, merged with a disco-sounding element from the ‘80s can sound great. The Night Flight Orchestra and At The Movies proof that the result can sound great. But what is offered by ‘Turborider’ is poor and uninspired pop music with a very well-hidden rock spirit.

Rating: 3 out of 10.


  1. Turborider
  2. Eyes of a Maniac
  3. Outrun
  4. Kids of the Arcade
  5. Bark at the Moon
  6. Prelude (Flight of the Cobra)
  7. Like a Cobra
  8. For the Love of Good Times
  9. ’89 Sparkle
  10. Future Lover Boy
  11. Prodigal Sons

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Pop

Release Date EU: March 25th, 2022


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