Review VOIVOD ‘Synchro Anarchy’

Outer space metallers Voivod can look back on decades in metal. The Canadian band started in the early ‘80s and set some standards when it comes metal. Right from the beginning the band have never chosen to take the easy way and hereby managed to create a unique sound that can be immediately identified as Voivod-ian metal.

‘War and Pain’, the debut, plus the two next albums ‘Rrröööaaarrr’ and ‘Killing Technology’ have been described as thrash metal although the influences have been much wider. These raw pieces of metal have been the kickstart for a career that is still ongoing.

38 years after the debut hit the shelves it is the new album ‘Synchro Anarchy’ that showcases a band that is still hungry. As not expected, any different, Voivod also stay true to their sound and musical mission. The album is a curveball and at the same time finds a way into listens mind by unusual twists and turn, harmonies that are not standard and are at the same time addictive.

‘Planet Eaters’ is a song that reflects the mentioned very well. There is an exciting hypnotic factor woven into this song, built on the typical Voivod riffing and the unique vocal lines by Denis ‘Snake’ Bélanger. The oppressive ‘Mind Clock’ is another highlight on the album that starts with ‘Paranormalium’ very energetic. The bass-driven title track has been unveiled already prior to the album release and is a well-chosen single. Also worth to mentioned is ‘Holographic Thinking’. The track has a complex and progressive corset. Melodic parts and darker moments interact, both interacting with a great solo section in the middle of this five minutes milestone. In a way, the song sums up all the album stands for.

It seems like the pandemic didn’t have an impact on the quartet when it comes to writing thrilling songs. Eventhough the guys couldn’t jam in the usual fashion they managed to find other channels to connect. It almost feels like these circumstances have added an extra level of intensity to ‘Synchro Anarchy’. One gets the impression that the pandemic has generated extra energy.

Voivod never used the cookie-cutter approach. The quartet always evolved their music and their sound without denying the roots. And maybe its times like this which fuels Voivod’s sound with an additional post-apocalyptic spirit. However, ‘Synchro Anarchy’ is an excellent album that doesn’t unveil everything while listening to the record for the first time. Many layers need to be discovered and step by step you will be guided to the core of the album. Thumbs up.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Paranormalium
  2. Synchro Anarchy
  3. Planet Eaters
  4. Mind Clock
  5. Sleeves Off
  6. Holographic Thinking
  7. The World Today
  8. Quest For Nothing
  9. Memory Failure

Label: Century Media

Genre: Tech Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: February 11th, 2022




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