Review DEATHCULT (Switzerland) ‘Of Soil Unearthed’

There is not only one metal band that thought Deathcult is a pretty cool sounding moniker. In this case we are dealing with a quartet from peaceful Switzerland.

Deathcult are from Zurich and formed in 2010. After two years the guys had finished a demo which led to the ‘Pleading for Death … Choking on Life’ EP. This first release generated a lot of interest. Among others Invictus Productions became aware of the four-piece which resulted in the debut album hitting the record stores in 2016 via the label mentioned earlier.

Deathcult have their roots in death metal, which becomes evident by the Death cover ‘Evil Dead’ on the debut. Finally, after a six-year wait, ‘Of Soil Unearthed’, the Swiss band’s second album, hits the shelves.
There is no brake for Deathcult. With furious speed the Swiss pound their way through the eight new songs. Compromises are searched in vain as well as moments to catch a breath. The wrecking ball hits you with a constant force. Even if the general pace is rather in the high-speed range, it does not mean that the band does not include some slower moments. Tracks like the eight-minute ‘On Primal Wings’ couldn’t function any other way. Smart breaks and tempo changes give the songs on ‘Of Soil Unearthed’ the variety which is necessary to maintain a basic excitement.

That not only death metal is the base, but also bands like Slayer have an influence on Deathcult can be sensed at the beginning of ‘Black Vapour Coagulation’. Cross references to the thrash metal pioneers can’t be denied, even if the song turns into a massive and vicious death metal steam hammer in the course of time.

‘Of Soil Unearthed’ primarily lives through the uncompromisingness with which the quartet goes to work. There is no peeking at trends here. This album captivates more by a creative unboundedness, which is reflected in hellish eight songs and provides the basis for this musical riff inferno.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Iron Beclawed Rules The Divine
  2. On Primal Wings
  3. Doxology And Putrescence
  4. Trepanation Rites
  5. Black Vapour Coagulation
  6. Swine Of Oblivion
  7. Funeral Trance
  8. Alastor

Label: Invictus Productions

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 28th, 2022


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