Sainted Sinners that’s a German band, drive by guitarist Frank Pané. The band added so far three albums to the books of which the latest one, ‘Unlocked & Reloaded’, could be seen as a real attention-bringer.

The new album ‘Taste It’ is the next chapter Sainted Sinners open, an eleven songs featuring longplayer that presents the beauty of heavy rock. Bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Rainbow (‘Good Ol’ Company’), that’s the inspiration for Pané and bandmates. Sainted Sinners use the entire bandwidth of classic rock in their songs, and it is the experience of each band member that adds to a very positive impression.

For a next time, frontman Jack Meille (Tygers Of Pan Tang) adds a lot of rock’n’roll spirit to the album. Well-crafted vocal lines, a few powerful screams and a great range is what makes each song to a little highlight. Ernesto Ghezzi’s keyboards provide a lot to the density of the album while the rhythm-section provides a strong heartbeat.

Sainted Sinners start into the album in a furious fashion. ‘Against the Odds’ has a short intro before the song shifts gears and turns into a thundering rocker. A speedy hard rock rendezvous is what ‘Good Ol’ Company’ offers and it is up to the bombastic closer ‘Heart of Stone’ to end the album in a soulful and powerful way. To round off the width of inspiration, Sainted Sinners also added a cover version to their new album. ‘Losing My Religion’, originally from R.E.M., is turned into a rocking tune that is not too far away from its roots and at the same time got a different groove. Sainted Sinners adopted this song and added their own piece to it. The result sounds good and although it is a bonus track, I hope you will not miss it.

Sainted Sinners fourth album is a logical next step in which the band pick it up where they left off with the previous album. ‘Taste It’ that is the title of the album and also a recommendation for fans of classic rock and well-crafted hard rock. Taste it.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Against the Odds
  2. One Today
  3. The Essence of R’n’R
  4. Out of Control
  5. Never Back Down
  6. Good Ol’ Company
  7. Down Dirty
  8. On On (Chained)
  9. Losing My Religion (R.E.M. cover) (Bonustrack)
  10. Coffee, Whiskey, Rock’n’Roll
  11. Heart of Stone

Label: ROAR

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: November 26th, 2021



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