Review BONDED ‘Into Blackness’

Bonded resulted from the fact of Bernmann and Makka leaving Sodom back in 2018. With not having the intention to sit still and wait for new opportunities, the guys started with Bonded an outlet for metal passion and riff dedication.

A debut album was released in 2020 and ‘Rest in Violence’ got a lot of positive attention right away. To not become a flash in the pan, Bonded started to work on the sophomore album ‘Into Blackness’ which will get to the record stores in early November. To start working on the new album was probably the best thing the band could do since the upcoming pandemic didn’t allow touring and live shows. In a way it was bad timing for Bonded to enter the scene but with a strong debut album, the momentum was on their side.

To keep the momentum, Bonded reveals ten new songs plus an intro, all building the tracklist of the second longplayer. The quintet picks it up where they left off with ‘Rest in Violence’. Raw und unpolish thrash metal is what the band offers, and each note is a treat for fans of raging metal. A great example is the up-tempo smasher ‘The Holy Whore’, a breath-taking track with murderous pace.

Even the intro ‘The Arsonist’ isn’t a calm way that paves your way into the album. It’s a heavy instrumental with a strong heartbeat that leads towards ‘Watch (While the World Burns)’, the first real song on the album. The song comes with freight-train power and is the first chapter of this ten songs comprising metal inferno.

Although many songs are fast and furious, Bonded also stays occasionally it a moderate pace. ‘Destroy the Things I Love’ is such a track. Not losing any of the album’s intensity the track is a rolling riff monster with Ingo Bajonczak’s partly hoarse vocals and screams.

‘Into Blackness’ doesn’t reinvent thrash metal and nobody expected that. Instead, the album is a raging and furious metal record that follows the metal heart. Screaming guitars, a massive bass and hard-hitting drums is what Bonded stands for and fan of well-forged thrash metal should have this album on the radar.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Arsonist
  2. Watch (While the World Burns)
  3. Lilith (Queen of Blood)
  4. The Holy Whore
  5. Division of the Damned
  6. Into The Blackness of a Wartime Night
  7. Destroy the Things I Love
  8. Final Stand
  9. Ill-Minded Freak
  10. Way of the Knife
  11. The Eyes of Madness

Label: Century Media

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: November 5th, 2021




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