Review TOWER ‘Shock to the System’

I’ve heard good things about Tower, but I haven’t heard anything from Tower until today. I can now end this shortcoming, because at the moment I’m listening to ‘Shock to the System’, the second album of the New Yorkers, on endless loop.

Tower was formed in 2015 and had with ‘Tower’ their self-titled debut in the record stores one year later. With ‘Shock to the System’ the successor is ready and waiting to be discovered by the metal community. A total of ten songs have found a place on the tracklist, all true headbanging anthems, captured in a 39-minute running time.

From the first note played, it is clear that we are dealing with flawless heavy metal, which uncompromisingly roars out of the speakers. ‘Blood Moon’ is the blazing fast opener which also makes it obvious that singer Sarabeth Linden is an extremely important asset to the band. What a voice. Here we have a true metal queen at work, who has an impressive vocal range.

Tower don’t just go full speed ahead though. ‘Prince of Darkness’ is one of the tracks that is kept at a moderate tempo and a song that I would like to recommend to you is ‘Lay Down the Law’. A lot of things that belong together are coming together here. The calmer beginning and the rising to a metal hymen, all this can be found in this song. ‘Lay Down the Law’ demonstrates for a next time the vocal range of Linden while the galloping rhythm gives the song its drive.

Tower is able to keep the level of quality up high. There is not a weak spot on ‘Shock to the System’ and even the last three tracks are true ear-pleasers. ‘On the Line’ and the rough ‘Powder Keg’ are the real smashers, the latter with an overwhelming power. Embedded in between these two is ‘In Dreams’, an almost seven-minute epic that reflects the entire songwriting potential. Tower can easily maintain excitement and variety which makes this song a highlight Tower’s second album.

This record may not be a ‘shock to the system’ but it is a clear sign of a vibrant metal scene in NYC. Tower have dedicated themselves to heavy metal. 70’s metal influences are present as well as thrash metal references and classic rock hints. Tower play oldschool metal that doesn’t sound old. The band is able to bring the sound of the past into the present, and they do it very skillfully. Horns up.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Blood Moon
  2. Prince of Darkness
  3. Metatron
  4. Running Out of Time
  5. Lay Down the Law
  6. Hired Gun
  7. The Black Rose
  8. On the Line
  9. In Dreams
  10. Powder Keg

Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: November 12th, 2021


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