Review STÖNER ‘Stoners Rule’

Right in time for the starting summer season desert rockers Stöner unleash with ‘Stoners Rule’ an album that fits perfect to the summerly heat. Stöner, one out of six bands that filled the Mojave desert with rock music, release a seven song album that brings some desert heat to your place.

Stöner’s line-up sounds like the who is who of stoner rock. Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri and Ryan Gut are all stoner rock pioneers that created with bands like Kyuss a sound that defined a whole new genre.

‘Rad Stays Rad’ is the grooving and hypnotic start of the album, a song that was also played at the ‘Live at the Mojave Desert’ session. Listening to this songs means also seeing the glowing red desert sand that shimmers in the sunset. ‘The Older Kids’ doesn’t leave the self-given and is a bit harsher compared with the opener. One of the best tracks on this album follows next. ‘Own Yer Blues’ doesn’t only carry blues in the title. The songs also has a very strong blues vibe and an ease that impresses.

‘Nothing’ isn’t an empty musical bag but it’s the by far shortest track on the album and hereby the contrast to ‘Tribe / Fly Girl’. The latter clocks in at 13 minutes and is a massive closer. Like a musical Fata Morgana the track stick to the same pattern throughout and you always get the idea of getting towards a first peak, and still the basic pattern continues.The songs feels more like an endless jam session that keeps on rolling.

Stöner songs are mostly kept in slower pace and are build on repetition. ‘Evel Never Dies’ instead takes a bit of another route. An uptempo punk spirit makes this track to a welcome twist.

‘Stoners Rule’ showcases genre icons at work, a job that was done in very short time. It was done in one day which also amplifies the jam character of this release. At the same time the album sounds authentic and tangible. There is no polishing or artificial shine. This album was meant to be exactly the way it gets out of the speakers. Fans of Kyuss, Mondo Generator and others should check out ‘Stoners Rule’ since each of the songs confirm the bold statement of the title.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Rad Stays Rad
  2. The Older Kids
  3. Own Yer Blues
  4. Nothin’
  5. Evel Never Dies
  6. Stand Down
  7. Tribe / Fly Girl

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Genre: Stoner Rock

Release Date EU: June 25th, 2021



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