Wildstreet started back in 2006 and premiered in 2009 with a self-titled full-length record. Not putting too much effort into the titles of the longplayers and keeping things easy, the band numbered their next longplayer. ‘II .. Faster … Louder!’ had a at least a bit of an appendix to the pure numbering while their third record is simply entitled ‘III’.

The New York glam rockers started to pen the first songs for the new album already in 2018 and have been on the road a lot the same year, all before the pandemic kicked in. ‘III’ features glam rock. Although this kind of music had its heyday in the last century, Wildstreet manage to bring the 80s vibe to the present. Driven by the spirit of rock’n’roll, the guys recorded grooving hard rock songs with the thundering ‘Three Ways Ride’ being on off. Wildstreet’s newest offer includes all, the genre has in the toolkit. The biggest part of the setlist represents straight rocker with a solid punch. However, the romantic moments found a spot too. ‘Still Love You’ is one of these heart cuddling tunes that have this special sunset spirit embedded.

To also mention the contrast means talking about ‘Raise Hell’. The title already implies that this song isn’t a softened one. It is a solid rocker and there is ‘Born to Be’, that satisfies the same target group. The pounding and very beat-driven tune also includes a catchy chorus that makes the song to a good representative of its kind.

To sum up. Wildstreet deliver good music that breathes the spirit of the 80s glam- and sleaze rock glory. Still the album sound modern and has a good dynamic.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Tennessee Cocaine
  2. Three Way Ride
  3. Set it Off
  4. Still Love You
  5. Midnight Children
  6. Born to Be
  7. Raise Hell
  8. Mother

Label: Golden Robot Records

Genre: Glam Rock

Release Date EU: June 25th, 2021



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