Review MAYHEM ‘Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando’ – EP

The artwork shows it right away. The hellfire is still burning and a band that musically fuels the hellfire is Mayhem from Norway. ‘Deathcrush’ was the first raw piece of music, the band released in 1987. The iconic, as well as controversially discussed band from Oslo, released more genre-defining longplayers and belong to the veterans of black metal.

The latest longplayer, ‘Daemon’ escaped the darkness of hell in 2019 and these days it is an EP that marks a next release from the Norwegian black metal force. ‘Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando’ is the title of a seven-song comprising EP that start with ‘Voces Ab Alta’. The opener, as well as ‘Black Glass Communion’ and ‘Everlasting Dying Flame’ are taken from the ‘Daemon’ sessions and non-album tracks with ‘Voces Ab Alta’ being a previously unreleased smasher. The three songs are all raging black metal anthems and 100% Mayhem. A cold chill is what reaches you ear drums and mind when listening to these diabolic and puristic odes to the abyss. These songs are as good as the material that made it on the longplayer but, according to Ghul, didn’t fit into the “overall vision of the album”.

The other four tracks on this EP are cover versions. These are the result of well progressing recordings for the ‘Daemon’ album, giving the band some extra time in studio, which was used for recording these covers. Now, black metal and punk have an anarchic base in common and are the outlet for roaring rage. Therefor it is not a surprise that these four cover songs are perfectly interpreted by Mayhem. Not going too far away from the original, these four covers add some extra power to the table with Dead Kennedys ‘Hellnation’ being a real highlight. The raspy vocals on ‘Commando’ add an extra layer to the Ramones classic and fits the “Say No. Be Against’ attitude perfectly. These songs are well-chosen.

‘Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando’ is an EP that showcases black metal pioneers that still burn for their hellish mission. Here, they manifest this with three songs that show how the band evolved over time, stays true to their roots and also surprises with excellently done cover versions that complete picture.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Voces Ab Alta
  2. Black Glass Communion
  3. Everlasting Dying Flame
  4. In Defense Of Our Future(Discharge Cover Version)
  5. Hellnation (Dead Kennedys Cover Version)
  6. Only Death (Rudimentary Peni Cover Version)
  7. Commando (Ramones Cover Version)

Label: Century Media

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: July 9th, 2021



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