Review INTERLOPER ‘Search Journey’

Interloper from California, that is Andrew Virrueta, Aaron Stechauner and Miles Baker. The foundation of Interloper happened in 2014 and it took a while before things became tangible. Two independently released singles have marked the start that led to a contract signing with Nuclear Blast and a first EP, that was revealed in early 2021.

To keep the momentum, work on the full-length debut continued and ‘Search Party’ is the tangible result of this effort. The title is not only a song that is part of the track listing, but also a reflection on the route the trio took during the creation of this record. There was a lot of searching that fortunately also led to finding, things like finding an own sound, finding the band members and finding to each other. Searching for a singer was also on the list and ended with finding Andrew Virrueta.

‘Search Party’ is an interesting album since it is hard to describe what one can expect. The overarching term would be progressive metal, but Interloper’s debut is more than that. It’s a blend of different styles and inspirations that come together on this debut.

To grasp the entire width of Interloper’s approach, I recommend to listen to ‘Drift’, certainly the heaviest outlet of the trio’s musical vision. The song, that was unveiled as the first single taken from this longplayer, is a thundering track with partly growling that alternate with clean vocals and strong melodies. A lot of Interloper trademarks are united in this song.

Although being a cover song, ‘Rio’ shows the musical width of the Californian trio. That a metal band covers a Duran Duran song isn’t the usual choice. Interloper decided to go for this experiment and succeeded. Of course, also in this arrangement ‘Rio’ has a pop-appeal although I must say that Interloper made the track to a part of the album that doesn’t distract from the rest. Having said all this also means to mention a layered, if not even progressive approach to music. You can’t place Interloper and their debut into one specific box. There is a lot of variation on ‘Search Party’ and the best things is, you don’t need to search for it. It comes to you. Each of the tracks has the potential to deliver metallic joy for a longer time, which makes a purchase of the longplayer to a sustainable investment.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Pathkeeper
  2. Bound to Fall
  3. Moonlight
  4. Dreamlands
  5. Drift
  6. Search Party
  7. The Wishing Well
  8. Idle Years
  9. Cheshire
  10. Baring Teeth
  11. Rio (Duran Duran Cover)

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: June 11th, 2021


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