ANGEL DUST’s debut will be re-released on June 18th

German metal force Angel Dust belongs to the veterans of Germany-based heavy metal. The band released the first two albums in the second half of the glorious eighties. The debut album carries the title ‘Into the Dark Past’ which is a raging release that documents the energy of the German metal underground in the early heydays of metal.

Angel Dust shifted their sound towards power metal later while it is the raw power of thrash- and speed metal that makes these eight songs on the debut to a vivid and savage experience for fans of uncompromising metal. ‘Legions of Destruction’ is a great example for the unbound metal inferno the guys created at the time.

As a part of High Roller Records’ re-releasing schedule, Angel Dust’s debut will shine in new light as CD and vinyl. Release date of this metal classic is June 18th, 2021, and the tracklist is ofc course the original one:

  1. Into the Dark Past
  2. I’ll Come Back
  3. Legions of Destruction
  4. Gambler
  5. Fighter’s Return
  6. Atomic Roar
  7. Victims of Madness
  8. Marching for Revenge

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