Review STARLIGHT RITUAL ‘Sealed in Starlight’

Starlight Ritual is a Canadian band that has it headquarter in the greater Montreal area in Canada. Founded in 2013, the quintet could unleash two EP and what was missing to date was the full-length debut. Five years after the ‘Age of the Universe’ has been revealed, Starlight Ritual close the gap with ‘Sealed in Starlight’, the first longplayer recorded by the five Canadians.

Starlight Ritual is the brainchild of guitarist JF Bertrand who start the band as a project and after having found with Dan Toupin, Mat Froge, Lou Lecomte, and Damien Ritual some pals with the same passion for traditional metal, nothing could stop the band from funneling the creativity into first songs.

The debut album features nine songs that are rooted in traditional heavy metal, something the artwork already indicates clearly. It’s the intro called ‘The Bell’, that paves the way for ‘Marauders’. The first song on the album is a riff feast and energy-deliverer. Not much rocket-science when it comes to style, it is more the flow of the song and the passion for screaming guitars that sets the scene for the album.

That Rainbow is a band that also has some fans in Montreal becomes clearer with ‘One for the Road’. The song shows some parallels with the mighty metal legends and is crafted in a good fashion.

Also to mention is the title track that clocks in at 8 minutes. Starting calm and with a bit of a mystic spirit, the song slows evolves to great piece of work that shows what Starlight Ritual is capable to do musically. Again, it’s not all the new bells and whistles that shine here. It’s more the way how things are put together that makes this song to a little treat. The thundering ‘The Riddle of Steel’ is another tune I can recommend and the same goes for the powerful closer ‘Righteous Ones’.

‘Sealed in Starlight’ is a very interesting debut from a band that knows how to bring traditional heavy metal to life. If you are a fan of well-crafted and powerful underground metal, with epic hymns, great riffs, and excellent vocals, then it’s ‘Sealed in Starlight’ that you shouldn’t miss.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Bell
  2. Marauders
  3. One for the Road
  4. Burning Desire
  5. Sealed in Starlight
  6. Civilization Lost
  7. The Riddle of Steel
  8. Lunar Rotation
  9. Righteous Ones

Label: Temple Of Mystery

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: June 2nd, 2021



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