CD review CAPRA ‘In Transmission’

Capra is a band, ‘In Transmission’ is an album and opinions can differ when it comes to the music. The wild blend of metal, punk and hardcore leads to music that is massive and furious. Although the start, ‘[Exordium]’, is rather atmospheric, hell breaks loose with ‘Hollow Doll’. ‘In Transmission’ is not an album that offers bigger soundscapes and layered musical landscapes. In contrary.

The moment Capra unleash ‘Hollow Doll’ it becomes obvious that we are facing a massive sonic attack. In a way I feel reminded of thrash metal icons Détente, not because of the music. It’s more the wild female vocals by Crow Lotus that spread pure anarchy. Shouting, singing and vomiting lyrics, that’s what you have to face when starting your trip into this longplayer. Lotus wanted to give people that are often overlooked a voice and for sure, you can’t miss this voice on ‘In Transmission’. In general, the album isn’t about flowers and bees. It’s the hard hitting reality that creates the inspiration for songs like ‘Paper Tongues’ and ‘Red Guillotine’.

With all the raw power implemented, the album also becomes bit tiring after a while. ‘In Transmission’ offers a lot to take in and could have deserved also bit more variation. In a way, the songs reflect a very similar expression and the great benefit of the unleashed fury loses strength when being repeated too often. Capra is certainly an interesting outfit and the band shows some potential. This time they might be a bit ahead of themselves but ‘In Transmission’ is interesting enough to keep Capra on the metal radar.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. [Exordium]
  2. Hollow Doll
  3. The Locust Preacher
  4. Medusa
  5. Torture Ship
  6. Paper Tongues
  7. Mutt
  8. Transfiguration
  9. Red Guillotine
  10. Deadbeat Assailant
  11. Samuraiah Carey

Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: April 23rd, 2021


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