CD review BEWITCHER ‘Cursed be Thy Kingdom’

Bewitcher, hailing from Portland Oregon, hit the road to the gates of hell in 2013 when M. Von Bewitcher and A. Magus began work on a first demo tape. After having added a drummer to the line-up things could evolve in a fast fashion with the self-titled debut being the first offer from Bewitcher. The second strike from the abyss followed in 2019 with ‘Under the Witching Cross’, while it is up to the new longplayer ‘Cursed be Thy Kingdom’ is supposed to continue the successful ride.

In case you’re not familiar with the sound of Bewitcher, the band name could give you the idea of some sort of black metal band. Now, Bewitcher isn’t a black metal band. This trio is more rooted in traditional heavy metal with some speed metal influences. They blend these musical influences with a blackened attitude that expresses itself in ten songs on the ‘Cursed Be Thy Kingdom’. A song that showcases the combination best is the smashing ‘Satanic Magick Attack’. Build on an Iron Maiden-ish riff, that reminds of ‘Two Minutes to Midnight’, the band merge metal with a hellish groove that is intensified by the raspy vocals of frontman M. Von Bewitcher.

‘Satanic Magick Attack’ is just one example of a diabolic drive that is the common denominator on ‘Curse be Thy Kingdom’. ‘Ashe’ is the foreboding intro that brings you to ‘Death Returns’. From this moment, until the finish-line, Bewitcher doesn’t allow you to take a deep breath. Neck-breaking riffs, a brisk tempo and an evil vibe is what you can expect from this longplayer.

With a 36 minutes running time, the album isn’t excessively long but for sure long enough to spread its hellish joy. That Bewitcher doesn’t salute the high-speed only but also has a thing for moderately paced tracks shows the galloping ‘Valley of the Ravens’. The fact that guys shift gears again with ‘Metal Burner’ doesn’t surprise and it’s the diabolic riffs that are tossed to you with a grin from hell.

‘Cursed be Thy Kingdom’ is Bewitcher’s third strike from the netherworld and it’s a strong one. This album is raw and inhales the blasphemous spirit of rock’n’roll. If you want to gamble with the devil, this album is your royal flash.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Ashe
  2. Death Returns…
  3. Satanic Magick Attack
  4. Electric Phantoms
  5. Mystifier (White Night City)
  6. Cursed Be Thy Kingdom
  7. Valley of the Ravens
  8. Metal Burner
  9. The Widow’s Blade
  10. Sign of the Wolf

Label: Century Media

Genre: Blackened Metal

Release Date EU: April 16th, 2021



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