CD review THE LION’S DAUGHTER ‘Skin Show’

I knew about The Lion’s Daughter but never really made a bigger effort to explore their music in depth. This was before I received the new longplayer from the St. Louis-based trio.

The Lion’s Daughter started in 2007 and premiered in 2012 with ‘Shame on Us All’. In the beginning it was blackened sludge that was offered before the band did an adjustment to their musical direction. The third longplayer ‘Future Cult’ showed synth-elements that helped to created bigger soundscapes without losing the core of their music.

‘Skin Show’ continues the transformation and manifests the co-existence of harsh metal elements and synth-laden moments. Songs like the opener ‘Become the Night’ and ‘Sex Trap’ are excellent examples, presenting the width of The Lion’s Daughter’s musical spectrum. ‘Become the Night’ starts with a keyboard sequence and so does ‘Sex Trap’. Slowly and steady the songs gain intensity and the sludge elements gain more momentum without fully taking over. In combination with the raspy vocals of frontman Rick Giordano, each of the ten songs on this longplayer lives by the discrepancy of atmospheric synth-passages and fierce section, both strengthening each other instead of competing for attention. Another songs I would like to mention here is the pounding ‘neon Teeth’. It’s the very powerful beat that has an almost hypnotic effect which makes the song to a little hit on the album.

‘Skin Show’ is an exciting album that shows the flexibility of metal. It’s a record that takes a step out of the comfort zone and genre specific frames. Creativity helps the band to create an own identity that is carved into each of the ten songs on ‘Skin Show’. In case you missed the previous album, this longplayer might be your entry point.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Become the Night
  2. Curtains
  3. Neon Teeth
  4. Dead in Dreams
  5. Werewolf Hospital
  6. Sex Trap
  7. Snakeface
  8. All Hell is Mine
  9. Skin Show
  10. The Chemist

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Synth Metal

Release Date EU: April 9th, 2021



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