CD review GENGHIS TRON ‘Dream Weapon’

Genghis Tron is a band that was founded in 2004 in New York. The four-piece outfit is an experimental metal band where the metal aspect was very strong in the beginning and it’s the experimental component that gains momentum these days.

The quartet premiered in 2006 with an album called ‘Dead Mountain Mouth’ which includes some real heavy stuff. The band became even more talk of the town with the sophomore longplayer ‘Board Up the House’ before the guys put two feet on the brake in 2010.

Genghis Tron awoke from the hiatus in summer 2020 with the band also re-welcoming back their first drummer Nick Yacyshyn. With Tony Wolski a new singer joined the band and after having signed a deal with Relapse Records it’s the new album ‘Dream Weapon’ that will get to the record store end of March this year.

‘Dream World’ is an album, featuring songs that are lyrically and musically well thought through. Nowadays the musical extremes from the debut are gone. There are no blastbeats or raw shredding parts anymore. Electro-sounds and rock took over instead, giving the album a lot of density and depth, manifested by songs as the title track ‘Dream Weapon’.

‘Ritual Circle’ can be seen as the centerpiece of the album. The composition is a calm track, built on electronic sounds. In a way it’s synth-laden rock music that has a strong ambient vibe and bigger soundscapes. With an almost hypnotic repetitiveness the tune catches your attention and although intensity grows it’s the basic pattern of the tune that stays.

If ‘Dream Weapon’ is your musical dream weapon is what one need to decide individually. What Genghis Tron offer is an interesting longplayer beyond riffs, shouts and blastbeats. It’s an experimental musical journey that helps to stretch the frames.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Exit Perfect Mind
  2. Pyrocene
  3. Dream Weapon
  4. Desert Stairs
  5. Alone in the Heart of the Light
  6. Ritual Circle
  7. Single Black Point
  8. Great Mother

Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Ambient/Post Rock

Release Date EU: March 26th, 2021



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