CD review SUZI QUATRO ‘The Devil in Me’

Just a few weeks ago it was Alice Cooper who unleashed with ‘Detroit Stories’ a 2021 highlight album and here comes another icon from Detroit rock city. Three years after having presented the ‘No Control’ album the legendary Suzy Quatro has with ‘The Devil in Me’ a new longplayer in the starting blocks.

Suzy Quatro is a real veteran when it comes to rock music. The first 7″ was released in 1966 ‘Never Thought You’d Leave Me’. What followed was an impressive career that included songs like ‘Can the Can’ which helped Quatro achieve worldwide popularity. Not to forget the duet with Smokie frontman Chris Norman. ‘Stumblin’ In’ made it to #4 on the US charts and is certainly an all-time classic.

‘The Devil in Me’ starts with the title track and it’s the spirit of rock’n’roll that catches you right away. The tune is a well-chosen opener that brings everybody into the right mood for 44 minutes of rock power. The next tune ‘Hey Queenie’ is a grooving one that brings you to ‘Betty Who’. The latter is another rolling rock hymn that has a great balance of hard rock sounds and a chorus that delights with a well-crafted melody.

A song that’s slightly different from most of the other tracks is the soulful ‘My Heart and Soul’. It was Quatro’s son Richard who worked on song ideas when Quatro heard the melody and was hocked right away. Spontaneously she sang the first four lines and those ended up on the album exactly the way she did it at the time. The fact that it is a Christmas song is a kind of distraction but let’s take for what it is, a soulful ballad with a lot of emotions.

After such an emotional journey the rock spirit returns with ‘Get Gotta Jail’ an energizer that creates a great vibe which is picked-up by ‘Do Ya Dance’ . The brass section is a perfect addition to the very beat-based tune, a song with strong groove. Full steam is what ‘I Sold My Sold’ and it’s ‘Motor City Rider’ being the musical equivalent a smoothly running engine on an endless highway into the suset.

Suzi Quatro offers a wide variety of sounds and genre that all go together very well. With all the nuances ‘The Devil in Me’ sounds authentic and real. It’s a mature longplayer and you get the idea that the iconic singer wanted to have the album exactly sounding that way. It’s the heart and soul expression that makes the difference here.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Devil In Me
  2. Hey Queenie
  3. Betty Who? 
  4. You Can‘t Dream It
  5. My Heart And Soul (long version)
  6. Get Outta Jail
  7. Do Ya Dance
  8. Isolation Blues
  9. I Sold My Soul Today
  10. Love‘s Gone Bad
  11. In The Dark
  12. Motor City Riders
  13. Can I Be Your Girl (LP Bonustracks)
  14. Desperado (LP Bonustracks)

Label: Steamhammer

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: March 26th, 2021



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