Bergen-based metal pioneers Arve Isdal (Enslaved), Ivar Thormodsæter (Ulver) and Matias Monsen teamed-up under the banner of DROTT and it was a couple of weeks ago that the trio unleashed a first EP. The self-titled offer features four songs, all reflecting a wider range of sounds and musical influences.

The EP begins with ‘SHIKOBA’, a songs that’s beyond the harsh riffs and the hoarse black metal screams that reach us once in a while from Bergen. Instead, this EP and its opener offer calmer tones, all together creating interesting soundscapes. Nature and spirituality are major elements of DROTT, being reflected in the opener too. Although the song builds up along the way it is the general pattern that stays. Not to forget the repetitive beat that has an hypnotic effect on the listener.

‘MILONGA DEL AGYA’ is next, a very expressive instrumental that doesn’t leave the calmer tones. ‘DANCE OF THE MYLINGS’ is the the third leg on the four level journey and the song shows again the wider influences. It’s a psychedelic vibe that makes the tune somehow special and it’s the post-rock expression that adds to it. The almost pop-oriented middle-part appears unexpected and still fits into the context. This part is like a musical color-flash that distracts without giving the song a new direction.

Last but not least there is with ‘NUMEN’ the final track on this EP. As with the previous songs, also ‘NUMEN’ is an instrumental and transports all emotions via notes instead of words. The guitar is gently swinging rather than delivering skull-crushing riffs and it’s an oriental touch that makes ‘NUMEN’ different to the rest of the songs.

‘DROTT’ is an interesting EP with calmer song, all anchored in nature and spirituality. It’s a release that brings calmness and focus into a strange time. It’s an escape to the worlds of sounds and rewards with refreshing ease.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  4. NUMEN

Label: By Norse

Genre: Post-Rock

Release Date EU: March 5th, 2021



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