CD review LEGENDRY ‘Mists of Time’ (re-issue)

Metal warriors Legendry released their third album ‘The Wizard and the Tower Keep’ one and a half years ago and received pretty good feedback from media and fans. It was their first album that came via High Roller Records, a chance for the guys to share their music with a wider fanbase.

Legendry, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania started in 2015 and after having launched a demo called ‘Initial Rituals’, it was the debut album that hit the shelves in 2016. ‘Mists of Time’ is the title of this first longplayer that faces now a re-issue via High Roller Records.

Powerful epic metal is what Legendry is about and the debut album shows a band that inhales metal with every breath they take. ‘Mists of Time’ is beyond any trend or hype. Inspired by bands like Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol, the seven songs plus intro&outro showcases a band that is following their hearts. Vidarr and Kicker bring the best of epic metal to surface with a highlight that comes at the end of the tracklist. ‘Winds of Hyboria’ shows the songwriting savvy of the guys as well as it shows their dedication for metal. This song might not be prefect and partly a bit scattered. Still it stands for authentic heavy metal with passion being the driving element more than any polished and faceless sound production.

‘Mists of Time’ is an album that should be checked-out by fans of handmade heavy metal, performed by a band with an down-to-earth approach. ‘Mists of Time’ is in the best meaning of the word an oldschool record that fully lives up to expectation of metal fans and riff enthusiasts.

Rating: 7 out of 9.


  1. Cimmeria
  2. For Metal We Ride
  3. Ancestors’ Wrath
  4. Phoenix on the Blade
  5. Attack of the Necromancer
  6. Mists of Time
  7. Necropolis (Manilla Road Cover)
  8. Winds of Hyboria
  9. Cimmeria (Reprise)

Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Epic Metal

Release Date EU: March 26th, 2021



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