CD review ATTIKA ‘Metal Lands’

Attika explores ‘Metal Lands’ with their latest longplayer. At least this is the title of the third longplayer. The four guys from Melbourne, Florida have an interesting release schedule and if there would be a category for longest waiting time between releases, the quartet would probably be a nominee.  

In the heydays of power metal, in the second half of the eighties, Attika premiered with the self-titled longplayer. The waiting time for the sophomore record ‘When Heroes Fall’ wasn’t a short one since it took four years to get the disc on the shelves. Also since it wasn’t easy for this kind of music to survive the nineties, Attika stopped in 1996 and parted ways.

Attika’s heartbeat became stronger again during the last decade with a show at ‘Up The Hammers’ in 2018, the first one in Europe. In addition the ‘When Heroes Fall’ album was re-issued and time was right to add a new longplayer to the list – ‘Metal Lands’.

The third record features ten songs, all US Metal anthems. Although being rooted in the eighties, Attika’s new longplayer is everything but dusted. Listening to slower paced hymns like ‘Darkness of the Day’ and the firing title track is more like a revitalization of days when leather & steel metal had a first peak. A track that I would like to mention too is ‘Gold’ since the songs has more of a rock’n’roll vibe, still entertaining and well put together.

Fans of bands like Forte, Omen and Liege Lord, metalheads with a strong preference for power metal and US Metal, shouldn’t miss this release. ‘Metal Lands’, that’s where you want to live and Attika paint the musical picture.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Metal Lands
  2. 8 Track Days
  3. Like a Bullet
  4. Darkness of the Day
  5. The Price
  6. Thorn in My Side
  7. Run With the Horseman
  8. Sincerly Violent
  9. Gold
  10. One Wish

Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: US Metal

Release Date EU: February 26th, 2021



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