CD review WITHERFALL ‘Curse of Autumn’

Witherfall from Los Angeles, CA have been active for some time now. Everything started in 2013 in California and four years later, the band could present with ‘Nocturnes and Requiems’ a remarkable debut album. Inspired by the positive feedback, Witherfall continued in 2018 with their sophomore album ‘A Prelude to Sorrow’, which was released via Century Media.

For their third album, the band took a bit more time. Three years after ‘A Prelude of Sorrow’ has been unveiled, the eagerly awaited third disc ‘The Curse of Autumn’ hits the stores. The new record builds on the strengths of the predecessors. It’s still well crafted metal, sometimes a bit complex, always with the right amount of intensity and never shy of good melodies, Witherfall once again hit all the right buttons and notes.

After an intro called ‘ Deliver Us Into the Arms of Eternal Silence’, two great songs follow with ‘The Last Scar’ and ‘As I Lie Awake’. Especially the latter one unites everything that makes Witherfall distinct. Great vocal melodies and furious riffs turn the track into a wow experience. It is not surprising that this song has been chosen for a single release earlier on, because it certainly makes you hungry for more. Speaking of singles. ‘The River’ was recently revealed together with a video. The song, a powerful semi-ballad, transfers a lot of emotion and shows that Witherfall are also very comfortable with the quieter sounds.

These calmer moments are also manifested in the title track, which with one and a half minutes is more a kind of interlude. It is these emotional moments that bring out the heavy anthems even better and guarantee a good flow of the album. The highlight of the record and a moment where everything blends is ‘…And They All Blew Away’. With 15 minutes the song is the heart of the album. The beginning reminds me of Queensryche, which is not least due to the ingenious voice of frontman Joesph Michael. It continues with progressive guitar structures before the song slowly but steadily picks up intensity. Heavy outburst and emotional moments alternate here, skillfully put together by a band that knows how to build thrilling sounds. ‘…And They All Blew Away’ is a composition that shows how much songwriting talent the band has at its disposal which awakens in such moments.

To sum-up: ‘Curse of Autumn’ is a very well crafted, exciting and entertaining album. Witherfall show once again that they are a band to be counted on in the future. Creativity and a sense for outstanding metal songs are a foundation that the guys certainly have at their command, even if they will most likely have to look for a different producer for the next album, since it is highly doubtful whether a certain Mr. Jon S. will be available.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Deliver Us Into The Arms Of Eternal Silence(00:50)
  2. The Last Scar
  3. As I Lie Awake
  4. Another Face
  5. Tempest
  6. Curse Of Autum
  7. The Unyielding Grip Of Each Passing Day
  8. The Other Side Of Fear
  9. The River
  10. … And They All Blew Away
  11. Long Time (Acoustic Version)

Label: Century Media

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: March 5th, 2021



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