CD review TRANSATLANTIC ‘The Absolute Universe’

Transatlantic are four experts in their craft from both sides of the Atlantic. There are Pete Trewaves and Roine Stolt, being homebased in Europe while Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy live in the US. The Atlantic Ocean and thousands of miles of distance can’t stop the four guys from making music together and even a pandemic couldn’t bring the creative machine to a halt. On the contrary. Transatlantic releases with their new album a more than interesting experiment.

Driven by their nearly endless creativity, the quartet started working on the fifth Transatlantic album in September 2019, when they met in Sweden and began with the first drafts for new songs. And as it is with creativity, it can not be restricted, which in this case led to a myriad of song ideas. At a certain point the question arose whether the new album should be a single CD or a double album. And as it is when you have a hard time choosing, why not go for both. No sooner said than done.

‘The Absolute Universe’ is a unique release of two albums which is one at the same time. The Absolute Universe: Forevermore’ is the complete work, spread over two CDs with songs that are of high class. In addition, there is ‘The Absolute Universe: The Breath of Life’, a shorter version that is not simply a compilation of the whole. Although the pieces show many parallels and have partly the same titles, they are different in their approach. For fans who want the whole package, the band and label have chosen ‘The Absolute Universe: The Ultimate Edition’, a format that includes both versions. And if that wasn’t enough, the four exceptional musicians have also thought about a concept based on today’s times and all the imponderables.

Transatlantic break new ground with their new album, which is quite interesting. But there is also a constant, the song which as usual burst with joy of performing, melodies and twist. No matter which format of ‘The Absolute Universe’ is running, the music is breathtaking and encompasses all nuances from rocking to sensitive that you can expect from the four guys.

‘The Absolute Universe’ is Transatlantic’s masterpiece. While their previous albums were already good, their fifth album takes it to the next level. Musicianship meets creativity, both prerequisites for a musical arc that has a timeless beauty.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


The Absolute Universe: The Breathe of Life

  1. Overture
  2. Reaching For The Sky
  3. Higher Than The Morning
  4. The Darkness In The Light
  5. Take Now My Soul
  6. Looking For The Light
  7. Love Made A Way (Prelude)
  8. Owl Howl
  9. Solitude
  10. Belong
  11. Can You Feel ItLooking For The Light
  12. (Reprise)The Greatest Story Never
  13. Ends

The Absolute Universe: Forevermore

Disc 1:

  1. Overture
  2. Heart Like A Whirlwind
  3. Higher Than The Morning
  4. The Darkness In The Light
  5. Swing High, Swing Low
  6. Bully
  7. Rainbow Sky
  8. Looking For The Light
  9. The World We Used To Know

Disc 2:

  1. The Sun Comes Up Today
  2. Love Made A Way (Prelude)
  3. Owl Howl
  4. Solitude
  5. Belong
  6. Lonesome RebelLooking For The Light
  7. (Reprise)The Greatest Story Never
  8. Ends
  9. Love Made A Way

Label: Inside Out Music

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: February 5th, 2021



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