DEAD LORD announce ‘Surrender’ streaming show

Swedish rockers Dead Lord announce their free Surrender release show airing on January 28th at 2PM EST/11AM PST on YouTube. The live show was recorded at Studio Kapsylen and can be streamed and will be available for a limited time HERE.

Watch the trailer for the Surrender release show HERE.

“Remember fun? What it felt like hear loud electric guitars, the crashing of the drums, or the rumble of the bass? Do you remember how good the beer tasted when it was accompanied by the sweet sound-sensation of rock and roll music? Well, in these times, it can be hard to bring that feeling to mind, but luckily you have your favorite lads in Dead Lord to remind of all the good times. We’re glad to be able to share with y’all a little snippet of a fun night in Stockholm Rock City not that long ago. Dead Lord live at Studio Kapsylen, featuring loud rock and roll, friends with real faces and beer. What more can you want?” states Dead Lord about the release show.

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