Classics: THUNDERHEAD ‘Behind the Eight-Ball’

It was the Scorpions who made Hannover famous, at least when it comes to music of a harder kind. However, other interesting metal bands of the late 80s and early 90s came from the capital of Lower Saxony. Victory was one of them and also Thunderhead came from Northern Germany.

Thunderhead started in 1988 and consisted of singers Ted Bullet, Ole Hempelmann, Alex Scotti and Henny Wolters, all no strangers to the German rock and metal scene.

These guys launched Thunderhead’s debut album ‘Behind the Eight-Ball’ in 1989, which was released via Intercord. Besides the music, it was the album’s poster cover that drew attention. Not often you can pin an album cover to your wall as decoration.
Regardless of this gimmick, it is the music and the songs that were appreciated at the time, but did not really led to a break-through. Maybe Thunderhead, with their rough and very well done hard rock, came a few years too late, since slowly a grunge wave and nu metal started to roll. However, this doesn’t say anything about the quality of the eleven songs on ‘Behind the Eight-Ball’ since they are stellar.

Thunderhead stands for rough hardrock with edges. A touch of Kiss, a taste of AC/DC and a bit of metal make each of the songs to a vivid listening experience. There is no boredom or downtime on this album. Each of the tracks hits the spot, is positive and amplifies the true energy of rock’n’roll. Always heavy, never too soft and always melodic, this blend is what makes the songs stand out. Bullet’s raspy vocals is one part of the mix, while Wolter’s riff work and solos are another, all carried by the propulsive beat, provided by Hempelmann and Scotti.

‘Behind the Eight-Ball is a first class hard rock album. This superb debut certainly deserves more attention. A pearl of rock that could easily handle a little more spotlight.


  1. Behind the Eight-Ball
  2. Ready to Roll
  3. Take it to the Highway
  4. (You Don’t Keep Me) Satisfied
  5. The Fire’s Burning
  6. Let Go
  7. Open All Night
  8. Life in the City
  9. Just Another Lover
  10. Straight Shooter
  11. Take Me to the Limit

Label: Intercord

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 1989

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