CD review IRON MASK ‘Master of Masters’

Iron Mask started as a side project of Magic Kingdom about two decades back in time and it was Dushan Petrossis who founded the band with a moniker being based on the novel of Alexandra Dumas. Iron Mask released their first album ‘Revenge is My Name’ in 2002 and a few more longplayers followed over time. ‘Diabolica’ was the latest record Iron Mask released, which was in 2016. After four years of waiting, the next strike, ‘Master of Masters’, will be shipped to the record stores sharp before Christmas.

The good thing with the new album is that Iron Mask stay true to themselves. The guys deliver melodic power metal that fuses with neo-classic influences to an album that makes it easy to listen to but also spreads the joy of heavy riffing at the same time. It’s a lot of furious solo parts heavy guitars and a well-oiled rhythm section that, together with very melodic vocal lines, make it easy for the listener to get into each of the songs in straightforward way. Talking about vocals. Iron Mask had a lot of singers in their line-up and with Mike Slembrouck a new vocalist takes the spot at the mic for the new album. Being a talented singer, his voice and singing works very well together with Petrossi’s musical vision of the band, an enriching factor for Iron Mask.

‘Master of Masters’ certainly will not start a metal revolution. At the same time the record delivers and offers well-crafted melodic power metal that is as entertaining as it is ammunition for headbanging. If you liked the earlier Iron Mask records and if you are a fan of bands like Rhapsody or Helloween, you will certainly find some good stuff on ‘Master of Masters’ also.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Never Kiss the Ring
  2. Tree of the World
  3. Revolution Rise
  4. One Against All
  5. Nothing Lasts Forever
  6. Dance With the Beast
  7. Wld and Lethal
  8. Mist of Loch Ness
  9. My One and Only
  10. A Mother Loved Blue
  11. Sagittatrus A
  12. Master of Masters

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: December 4th, 2030



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