CD review PALACE ‘Rock and Roll Radio’

If I counted correctly, ‘Rock and Roll Radio’ is Palace’s third longplayer. It follows the 2018 release ‘Binary Music’ and brings for a next time some melodic rock to your private palace.

Palace, that’s basically Michael Palace, who started his collaboration with Frontiers Music with First Signal. This contact was the springboard for Palace to work further on his musically vision that manifests itself on ‘Rock and Roll Radio’. The question is, how much rock’n’roll spirit is trasnferred by the ‘Rock and Roll Radio’?

Let’s start with the positive things first. There are some firing songs on the album of which the heavy pounding ‘Hot Steel’ is one of. Lyrically delivering to the genre cliches, the song’s heavy and has a good dynamic. What amplifies the expression is a good and dense sound, supporting each of the tracks on this record.

But there aren’t only the cool songs on the album. There is also more standard melodic rock tunes on the tracklisting. The contrast couldn’t be bigger than what follows ‘Hot Steel’. The emotionless rocking ‘My Gray Cloud’ is melodic rock off the shelf. The same goes for ‘Eleonora’, a half-ballad that follows a cookie-cutter approach without a lot any surprises. More of ‘Hot Steel’ is needed.

All in all we can conclude that there are some good moments captured on the album, but the ‘Rock and Roll Radio’ certainly doesn’t blow your speakers. Nice, but also not much more.

Rating: 6 out of 10.


  1. Rock And Roll Radio
  2. Castaway
  3. Way Up Here
  4. Cold Ones
  5. Eleonora
  6. Hot Steel
  7. My Gray Cloud
  8. Origin Of Love
  9. She’s So Original
  10. Strictly By The Rules
  11. When It’s Over
  12. Fight

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: Decmeber 4th, 2020


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