BURNING WITCHES unleashed’The Circle of Five’

Live releases and EP’s are booming these days and here is another one. Swiss-/Dutch metal guild Burning Witches unleashed with ‘The Circle of Five’ a new song on December 4th, being the tune in the lead-off spot of a four track featuring release.

‘The Circle of Five’ is a typical metal anthem forged by the five metal queens. More anthemic in the chorus and furious in the verse the song is representing the typical witch-power.

Next to the new song with plugged-in guitars, the EP comes with the three songs of the ‘Acoustic Session’ release that’s available digitally since August this year. The acoustic tunes have been recorded as being part of the Acoustic Jam Session, the band streamed on May 29th, 2020.


  1. The Circle of Five
  2. We Eat Your Children
  3. Dance With the Devil
  4. Black Magic

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