CD review AVATARIUM ‘An Evening With Avatarium – Live in Stockholm’

Almost a year ago Swedish metal powerhouse Avatarium played a show in their hometown Stockholm. It was the iconic Nalen that was the scenery for a concert that was supposed to be the kick-start for touring activities in 2020. We all know that the plan never turned into reality but fortunately for Avatarium fans, the concert in Stockholm was filmed and the band released the film already Blackbox in summer this year.

On December 4th, ‘Live in Stockholm – An Evening With Avatarium’ will be also released on all streaming platforms and if you missed the release so far, not it’s the right moment to close the gap. In front of an enthusiastic crowd and framed by an impressive building, Avatarium performed a set that included all the highlights of their still relatively young career.

Two of these timeless rock/metal songs are taken from the debut. ‘Avatarium’ and the 10 minutes version of ‘Moonhorse’, the latter being the grande finale, are cornerstones in doom-inspired metal. Supported by a stellar sound it’s Marcus Jidell’s guitar that is as heavy as it gently swings in the calmer parts of Avatarium classics. There is not much new to say about Jennie-Ann Smith’s vocals. She’s again at her best with a voice that is strong, soulful and wild while never losing control over her singing.

What impresses with Avatarium since years is that they always stay true to their sound while moving from doom-based metal towards a more classic rock- and psychedelic rock-based sound. ‘Rubicon’ is a song from the latest album, showcasing the movement and listening to the song in the context of an Avatarium show reflects the band with 100%. Old and new go together very well and still shows a movement. This is certainly one of the factor for Avatarium lasting success.

‘An Evening With Avatarium’ is a great live release of an extremely talented band. The album has the potential to turn your living room into a live venue and by that it also shows, how much concerts are missed these days.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Intro (Live) 
  2. Voices (Live)
  3. Rubicon (Live)
  4. Into The Fire / Into The Storm (Live)
  5. Lay Me Down (Live) 
  6. Jennie-Ann Talks (Live) 
  7. Avatarium (Live) 
  8. Shake That Demon (Live) 
  9. Pearls And Coffins (Live)
  10. In My Time Of Dying (Live) 
  11. Medusa Child (Live) 
  12. Sky At The Bottom Of The Sea (Live)
  13. Jennie-Ann Talks 2 (Live) 
  14. The Fire I Long For (Live) 
  15. Girl With The Raven Mask (Live) 
  16. Stars They Move (Live) 
  17. Moonhorse (Live) 

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: (Doom-) Metal

Release Date EU: December 4th, 2020



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