CD review L.A. GUNS ‘Renegades’

It’s always confusing if you get an album from L.A. Guns since you not immediately know, which version releases new material. After having been able to witness a blistering show of Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis, it is now the Steve Riley version of L.A. Guns the reveal a new album.

With ‘Crawl’ the album gets off to a good start. The song has been released as a single before and convinces with a cool groove. With ‘Why Ask Why’ follows another well done song with a kick-ass approach which is carried on in ‘Well Oiled Machine’.

I doubt if L.A. Guns can be seen as ‘Lost Boys’ after 30 years in the business, especially since the song comes with a strong drive in the chorus. While listening to ‘Renegades’ the first impression is confirmed more and more. There are good song on the album but the little extra is missing.

An album like ‘Renegades’ can’t do without a ballad and in this case it’s called ‘You Can’t Walk Away’. We can talk about nice entertainment but not more and the same goes for the rather mediocre ‘Witchcraft’. With ‘All That You Are’ the whole thing gets more going again and a highlight is certainly the title track which creates a lively atmosphere towards the end. The sonic bouncer ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ can score with a solid rock’n’roll vibe too and ends an album that can’t entirely live up to expectation.

‘Renegades’ is not a bad album, even if it reflects light and dark. Steve Riley and the guys didn’t find the extra spice and still, ‘Renegades’ is entertaining and in parts very powerful.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Crawl
  2. Why Ask Why
  3. Weoll Oiled Machine
  4. Lost Boys
  5. You Can’t Walk Away
  6. Witchcraft
  7. All That You Are
  8. Would
  9. Renegades
  10. Don’ Wanna Know

Label: Golden Robot Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: November 13th, 2020



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