CD review ARROGANZ ‘Morsus’

Since 2008 German Arroganz (OK, that sounds a bit weird) evolve their sound and music, built on despair and rage. Also sounding very authentic the trio debuted in 2011 with “Dark and Deathless’ and here comes the next avalanche of evil riffs, reaching is from Cottbus, Germany.

‘Morsus’ is the title of the new Arroganz album that includes a 12 songs tracklist plus an intro called ‘Anodynon’, spreading a first vibe of decay. The title track takes over with a bassline that turns into a grooving and morbid death metal excursion. A very solid start into 46 minutes of blackened extreme metal.

‘Pain & Light’ intesivies what ‘Morsus’ kickstarted and it becomes very obvious that this longplayer isn’t brimming with mirth. In contrary, songs like the slowly hammering ‘Auroa Arroganz’ and the raging ‘Sickpeopledie.’ are aggressive metal songs, fueled by despair and anger.

Over time Arroganz created their own sound, a fusion of death metal, black metal and doom metal. A solid groove never stays out of the picture either and all together leads to 13 fierce songs that all found their spot of this morbid tracklist.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Anodynon
  2. Morsus
  3. Pain & Light
  4. Sleepless Forever
  5. Dead Man Galaxy
  6. In$Ide $uicide
  7. Aurora Arroganz
  8. Guillotinen
  9. Sickpeopledie.
  10. Next Level Satan
  11. 553
  12. Praise Death = Feast Life
  13. I Dealt With The Devil

Label: Supreme Chaos Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: October 2nd, 2020



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