Slipknot frontman, Stone Sour founding member and numerous guest appearances, that’s all Corey Taylor. What’s missing so far is a Corey Taylor solo album and from Friday on the gap will be closed. October 2nd is the release date of ‘CMFT’, Taylor’s solo debut that features thirteen songs. ‘Black Eyes Blue’ and ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’ are two songs that have been launched already prior to release date, giving a glimpse on what to expect from the entire album.

‘CMFT’ is built on a wide range of influences and music that defined Taylor up until now. This debut isn’t a Rock album, it’s not a Punk record and it’s not Metal either. It’s all of that depending on where you drop the needle.

‘HWY 666’ is the rocking start of an album that’s very entertaining. The opener is an energy booster and listening to the lively swinging ‘Samantha’s Gone’ gives the impression of a positive split.

‘Meine Lux’ is an uptempo Rock song without frills. Just pure fun. ‘Halfway Down’ is a bit more of a standard tune, followed by ‘Silverfish’. The latter starts calm and acoustic, with Taylor’s voice in the focus. It’s a soulful song with a Southern touch and it is ‘Home, that comes with an even a stronger emotional depth, being a touching highlight on the album.

Listening to ‘Kansas’ means listening to a light-hearted rocker before ‘Culture Head’ unleashes guitars and the heavier riffs for a next time. A bit of Bad Religion is what comes with ‘Everybody Dies On My Birthday’, at least when it comes to leading melody line.

Hip-Hop is a key influencer for ‘CMFT Must Be Stopped’ with Taylor getting support from Tech N9Ne and Kid Bookie. It’s a good crossover song and should be definitely on the playlist for your next party. Same thing only different goes for the ultra-fast closer ‘European Tour Bus Bathroom Song’. The title of this furious songs speaks volumes, being an excellent ending of the album.

‘CMFT’ reflects Corey Taylor. It’s not Slipknot and it’s not Stone Sour. It’s an album of a musician that wants to have fun by making music based on the musical imprint and inspiration. Therefor the common denominator of this album is Corey Taylor and not any style or genre. This album is about having fun, a matter of heart, if you will, and that’s what it spreads all a long, from the first track to the last one.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. HWY 666
  2. Black Eyes Blue
  3. Samantha’s Gone
  4. Meine Lux
  5. Halfway Down
  6. Silverfish
  7. Kansas
  8. Culture Head
  9. Everybody Dies on My Birthday
  10. The Maria Fire
  11. Home
  12. CMFT Must Be Stopped (feat. Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie)
  13. European Tour Bus Bathroom Song

Label: Roadrunner Records

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: October 2nd, 2020



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