CD review ROBERT PLANT ‘Digging Deeper – Suberranea’

To introduce Robert Plant is a totally unnecessary thing since if you ended up reading my blog, you are into rock music for sure. The legendary Led Zeppelin frontman has a long musical vita, with Led Zeppelin, but also when it comes to solo releases of which ‘Picture at Eleven’ was the first one that reached the record stores in the early ’80s.

On October 2nd, Robert Plant will release with ‘Digging Deeper – Suberranea’ a 30 songs comprising album of which ‘Like I’ve Never Been Gone’ taken from the debut, is one of. Four decades of rock music, that what this release offers, giving an excellent overview of Plant’s solo career.

To spice things up, three previously unreleased tunes are added to the tracklisting too. ‘Nothing Takes the Place of You’ is the first new song, written by Toussaint Mc Call for the movie ‘Winter in the Blood’. ‘Charlie Patton Highway (Turn it Up – Part 1) is the second unreleased song, taken from the upcoming album ‘Band of Joy Vol. 2’ while CD 2 features with ‘Too Much Alike’ a song from Charley Feathers, performed by Plant in a stellar duet with Patty Griffin.

‘Digging Deeper – Suberranea’ is a compilation that features very well-crafted rock music, mostly with a gentle swing and never pushy. Music for an evening on the couch with a glass of red wine.


CD 1:

  1. Rainbow 
  2. Hurting Kind
  3. Shine it All Around 
  4. Ship of Fools 
  5. Nothing Takes the Place of You
  6. Darkness, Darkness 
  7. Heaven Knows 
  8. In the Mood 
  9. Charlie Patton Highway (Turn it Up – Part 1)
  10. New World 
  11. Like I’ve Never Been Gone 
  12. I Believe 
  13. Dance with You Tonight 
  14. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down 
  15. Great Spirit (Acoustic)

CD 2:

  1. Angel Dance 
  2. Takamba 
  3. Anniversary 
  4. Wreckless Love 
  5. White Clean & Neat 
  6. Silver Rider 
  7. Fat Lip 
  8. 29 Palms 
  9. Last Time I Saw Her  
  10. Embrace Another Fall
  11. Too Much Alike w/ Patty Griffin 
  12. Big Log 
  13. Falling in Love Again  
  14. Memory Song 
  15. Promised Land

Label: Es Paranza

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: October 2nd, 2020



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