CD review ZOMBI ‘2020’

This album isn’t the first one that carries the title of ‘2020’. Dutch guitarist Adrian Vandenberg used the same title for his latest release, but here parallels between the two records end.

Steve Moore and Anthony Paterra, also known as Zombi, have a totally different musical vision and they express it on their sixt studio album very well.

‘2020’ is an atmospheric instrumental album with soundtrack-ish music. This cinematic approach, build on stunning soundscapes, is a musical journey that rewards listers that are willing to invest time into this longplayer. Zombi’s newest addition to their discography is certainly no musical fastfood. It’s rather to opposite. Moore and Paterra create music that, if closing your eyes, allows you to run your own imaginational movie. It’s amazing how the duo creates an atmosphere that can be look at as a narrative without using words.

If the written so far sounds interesting to you, you should give this album a chance. It’s music that is far away from harsh riffs, aggressive rhythms and loud vocal screams. ‘2020’ is a mindfully crafted musical adventure that blossoms by closing the eyes. It takes you to a world outside reality, at least for 39 minutes, and then there’s still a ‘Repeat’-button.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Breakthrough & Conquer
  2. Earthscraper
  3. No Damage
  4. XYZT
  5. Fifth Point of the Penta
  6. Family Man
  7. Mountain Ranges

Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Atmospheric Instrumental Rock

Release Date EU: July 17th, 2020


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